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On July 3, wangshiwen, the executive director of the ozone Professional Committee of the China Federation of industrial economics, said in an interview that the ozone professional committee would strike hard to clean up the ozone product market, mainly the ozone household appliance market

after SARS in 2003, ozone products rose rapidly. In just two or three years, the market size has grown to several billion yuan, and is still growing at a rate of more than 30% per year. However, some new market entrants, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, deceive consumers by means of rough manufacturing, false publicity and improper sales methods, which not only damage the interests of consumers, but also have a great negative impact on the healthy development of the industry

in order to strengthen the management of the ozone industry and standardize the market behavior of ozone enterprises, active measures are being taken to obtain the status of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters through the display screen. On April 17 this year, with the approval of the Ministry of civil affairs, the ozone Professional Committee of the China Federation of industrial economics was established. This is an industry association organized by China's ozone technology industry. It is a national ozone technology industry association under the leadership of the China Federation of industrial economics. China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization

"to rectify ozone household appliances and standardize the ozone industry market, we need to give a heavy blow and a combination of blows." Wangshiwen said, "the combination boxing includes four parts: sunshine policy, mass line, joint attack and long-term mechanism."

sunshine policy - carry out a comprehensive inspection of the ozone household appliance industry. Enterprises with good reputation and product quality meet the standards will vigorously promote and advertise them. For some fake and inferior products and enterprises operating in violation of laws and regulations, we will use the power of public opinion supervision to completely expose them to the public and the sun, so that their reputation will be ruined and there is no place for them to stand

mass line - cooperate with consumer associations at all levels to first evaporate the water, listen to consumer complaints through various communication channels, carefully verify the reporting materials and evidence provided by consumers, establish files of complaint products and suspected enterprises, regularly publish the results of complaint verification, establish and publish industry credit files in accordance with industry management conventions, and regulate enterprises' false propaganda, Some false ozone knowledge will be publicized and clarified, so that consumers can rest assured to buy ozone household appliances

joint attack - for ozone household appliances that are strongly reflected by some consumers to interpret the future trend of China's plastic market from a professional perspective, assist or directly report to the relevant quality inspection, industry and commerce departments for the record, cooperate with the law enforcement departments to investigate, deal with and ban them, and purify the domestic ozone household appliance market

long term Mechanism - at present, there is still a lack of corresponding industry standards for domestic ozone products, especially ozone household appliances that are closely related to the safety of consumers. The ozone Professional Committee of the Federation of industry and economics will declare and submit relevant national standards as soon as possible, and will list ozone household appliances involving drinking water treatment, food treatment, household environmental purification and other aspects as national mandatory standards, mandatory testing, listing and listing, In the long run, we should thoroughly solve the problem of fake and inferior products and make them have no place to survive in the market

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