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Drug packaging rectification pharmaceutical enterprises adjust their mentality and actively prepare for war

by October 1, 2007, the instructions and labels of all drugs produced by pharmaceutical enterprises in China must be made in accordance with the newly revised regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels. Statistics show that nearly US $24billion of export commodities in China are affected by the failure to meet the packaging requirements every year, a considerable part of which is caused by the packaging not meeting the green requirements. From this perspective, standardizing drug packaging can be seen as an improvement of the pharmaceutical industry

for pharmaceutical enterprises, October 1st, 2007 is a gateway. As early as March, 2006, the State Food and Drug Administration announced the newly revised regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels, and required pharmaceutical enterprises to make instructions and labels in accordance with the regulations for all drugs produced and delivered from June 1, 2007. Since then, although for technical reasons, the State Food and drug administration has extended this deadline to before October 1, 2007, with October 1 approaching, this issue has once again become the focus of the industry

curbing multiple drugs for one drug

for China's pharmaceutical industry, the rectification of drug instructions and labels is of positive significance. Industry experts said that improper drug packaging will cause inconvenience to the use of drugs, and even mislead the use of drugs. At present, there are more than one drug in the pharmaceutical market, which is quite serious. It is necessary to standardize the instructions and labels of drugs

it is understood that in March, 2006, the State Food and Drug Administration announced the newly revised regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels. The regulations require that the general name on the drug package must be marked clearly, and the single word area of the trade name shall not be greater than 1/2 of the general name, and have strict and specific provisions on its location, font and background color. The regulations specifically require that unregistered trademarks and drug names not approved by the State Food and drug administration shall not be used in drug instructions and labels. The scope of use of drug trade names should be in strict accordance with the provisions of the measures for the administration of drug registration. Except for drugs with new chemical structures, new active ingredients, and drugs with compound patents, other varieties should not use trade names. If the same drug produced by the same drug manufacturer has the same ingredients but different dosage forms or specifications, it shall use the same trade name. The trade name shall not be used alone in drug advertising, nor shall the text trademark used as the trade name without approval be used

it is understood that in order to promote the implementation of the regulations, the State Food and drug administration requires local drug regulatory departments to organize and implement the relevant special inspections previously carried out as a key work of drug market supervision, and focus on the following five items: first, drug packaging, labels, instructions and various trademarks are not approved and filed according to the regulations; Second, the generic name of drugs is not marked in Chinese or does not mark the generic name of drugs; Third, any unapproved text, audio-visual and other materials that introduce or publicize products and enterprises are carried in the drug package; Fourth, when drugs have commodity names at the same time, the proportion of general name and commodity name is less than 1:2; Fifth, the indications or functional indications marked on the drug packaging, labels and instructions exceed the specified range

during the two-month special inspection, the national food and drug regulatory system investigated and dealt with a total of 3435 drug varieties that abused trade names. This is the most severe blow to more than one drug

industry analysts believe that the phenomenon of multiple drugs for one drug is related to many factors, such as the drive of enterprise interests, the unreasonable drug pricing mechanism, and the mechanism of supporting doctors with drugs. It is a comprehensive project to deal with multiple drugs, which also requires the joint efforts of all relevant departments to form a joint force for rectification

enterprises are under pressure

however, the primary problem facing the implementation of the regulations is to standardize packaging, and pharmaceutical enterprises will have to face cost and sales pressure

at present, because the old packaging products of the enterprise still have at least three months of inventory in the market, and there are many unused empty packaging boxes in the warehouse, changing the packaging will naturally lead to increased costs, causing a certain cost pressure to the enterprise. Li Congxuan, EMBA in the pharmaceutical industry of Renmin University of China, said: as consumers have an impression of the original product packaging, changing the packaging may affect sales in the short term. If the price changes again, consumers' doubts will increase. Another possibility is the listing of new packaging, which leads to unsalable and overstock of drugs in old packaging

this is certainly beneficial to improving industrial concentration and standardizing the development of the pharmaceutical industry. There is a problem for products without technical content to survive by packaging. Therefore, individual contractors who take this opportunity to attract investment will have no place to survive. Analysts said that this is good for brand pharmaceutical products and brand products, because such products have a fast turnover and will not have a large inventory of old packaging

Li Congxuan believes that what is beneficial to brand drugs and brand pharmaceutical enterprises is that the regulations effectively block the way of famous brand imitators. Enterprises that shape OTC and health care products brands with advertisements will lose their advantages, or pay a higher price for measuring the force value in the deformation process of the specimen with the force sensor installed on the movable beam or frame; Those who want to use trade names and trademarks to highlight their own brands or imitate famous brands, and dilute some fonts in drug names to imitate famous brands will have no room for survival

industry experts said that drugs with a certain popularity of trade names may suffer a little, but the purpose of the national policy is to prevent the proliferation of commodity marketing, provide consumers with a variety of options and reduce costs. Although the restrictions are relatively large, pharmaceutical enterprises can still distinguish pharmaceutical packaging through patterns, background colors and other elements

it is understood that at present, the new packaging model of all drugs of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has been completed, and drugs with new packaging label instructions will be launched soon, and the preparation of pharmaceutical enterprises such as Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical has been basically completed

adjust their mentality and actively prepare for the war during 2015 (2) and 2020

as the replacement of packaging will increase the packaging cost and change the brand promotion methods of pharmaceutical enterprises, the discussion focus of relevant enterprises is mostly on these two points. For the resistance shown by some pharmaceutical enterprises, experts believe that pharmaceutical enterprises should try to shorten the time of the replacement of new and old packaging, and determine the listing time of new packaging according to the inventory of old packaging on the market. The longer the replacement of old and new packaging lasts, the greater the impact on consumers, the old products can be slow-moving, and the new products are not easy to be accepted

Li Congxuan said that pharmaceutical enterprises should try to fully expand the sales scope and region of new packaging. After fully expanding in the short term, they can quickly complete the recognition of the alternation between the old and the new, otherwise there will be regional differences; At the same time, we should pay attention to the staggering time of the new and old alternation of other enterprises: either we should launch our own new packaging before most enterprises' new packaging comes into the market, so that enterprises' advertising, promotion, communication and other measures will be less disturbed; Or choose the latest time for new packaging. At this time, the export unit price of extruder is always low. Most enterprises' new packaging has been launched, and consumers have some knowledge of changing packaging, so it is easier to accept; Or one-time replacement, taking the opportunity to improve the level of packaging is also a good way

experts said that pharmaceutical enterprises should do a good job in the communication of new packaging in all links of the channel to improve channel awareness. Print more new packages, so that the sales and business personnel of the enterprise can take the new packages and send them to the purchasing and sales personnel of each channel business, as well as the warehouse keeper and the shipper, and inform them of the differences between the old and new packages, especially the identification methods; Hold a channel ordering meeting to spread the information of the new packaging on the market, and the sample is also qualified to let the participants know the new packaging; The staff of chain drugstores will be given visit instructions and special training, so that when consumers have objections to the new packaging, they can explain in time

enterprises also need to strengthen media communication to let consumers and terminal clerks know the new packaging products as soon as possible. Analysts said that changing the packaging is not all a negative impact. Enterprises can take the opportunity to increase publicity and do a large area of new packaging dissemination and terminal instructions to distinguish their products from imitations. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, nearly US $24billion of export commodities in China are affected by failing to meet the packaging requirements every year, a considerable part of which is caused by the packaging not meeting the green requirements. From this perspective, standardizing drug packaging can be seen as an improvement of the pharmaceutical industry

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