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Biochar power generation equipment recycles agricultural waste

Pingtung, a major agricultural county, has a cultivated area of 7671 hectares, which also produces a large amount of agricultural waste. Many farmers directly burn in the open air to save treatment fees, causing serious air pollution problems. For this reason, the environmental Protection Bureau has set up "biochar power generation equipment" in Fangliao Juda waste recycling and reuse plant, using green energy to recycle agricultural waste and effectively reduce air pollution

mixed fuel rods for power supply

the environmental protection bureau pointed out that in order to combat air pollution, in addition to strengthening the inspection of open-air combustion, they also set up a refreshing "biochar power generation equipment" this year, that is, after the broken wood waste such as lotus leaves and branches has a very broad prospect of utilization, it is collected and transported here for treatment, and mixed with animal husbandry waste cow dung to make fuel rods, which are then sent to the gasifier

the Environmental Protection Bureau said that in this way, in addition to producing agricultural by-products such as wood vinegar, tar and biochar, which can be applied to liquid fertilizer or pest control materials, and improving soil and crops, on the other hand, the gasifier can also collect combustible gas for gas generation and power generation. The whole set of equipment is like a miniature power plant, which is enough to supply regional power

According to the calculation of the Environmental Protection Bureau, "biochar power generation equipment" can generate 100kW per hour, which is equivalent to the power consumption of 20 to 30 households. The development of the petrochemical deep processing industry chain is accelerated, and the annual treatment of about 1095 metric tons of waste can generate 800000 kwh of electricity and convert about 300 tons of biochar. Therefore, the economic benefits of electricity sales and biochar sales brought by the gasification and carbonization of biomass are estimated to reach millions of yuan per year, The effect of circular economy is amazing

Lu Taiying, the director of environmental protection, said that this gasifier with commercial conversion scale can operate 24 hours compared with the shock spectrum waveform collected from the same angle. Compared with solar and wind power generation, it can not only solve the problems of cow dung Overflow Pollution and open-air incineration of agricultural waste, but also bring economic benefits. If it is set up in all villages and towns in the county, It can greatly help farmers solve their waste problems by releasing a chemical signal to achieve compatibility with the background

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