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Recycling of wastewater (acetaldehyde device) - further improvement of wastewater recovery system (5)

due to the high temperature of wastewater (40~50 ℃), the actual wastewater circulation is restricted by the ambient temperature. The temperature of low silicon water in summer is also as high as about 30 ℃. It is necessary to ensure the absorption effect when the absorption tower is loaded to a fixed load. To make the gas phase temperature at the top of the tower lower than 30 ℃, and improve the operating rate of wastewater circulation, it is necessary to reduce the temperature of circulating wastewater. Therefore, a refrigeration device was added in August 2002. The waste water, which is used to supply sufficient absorption liquid, is first cooled with circulating water, and then sent to the heat exchanger for cooling with chilled water. The chilled water is provided by the lithium bromide chiller, and the refrigerating capacity of the lithium bromide chiller is 2.09 × 106kj, and its flow diagram is shown in Figure 3

by adding a refrigeration system to the wastewater circulation system, the load of the refrigeration unit can be reduced, the wastewater circulation volume is increased from an average of 20m3/h to 36m3/h, and the wastewater temperature is also reduced, controlled at 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, which changes the seasonal operation of the wastewater circulation system and greatly reduces energy consumption

Figure 3 process flow of wastewater recycling and refrigeration system

practice shows that the wastewater recovery system of acetaldehyde plant can save more than 8 million yuan of wastewater treatment cost, more than 600000 yuan of acetaldehyde recovery and 2.4% of low silicon water every year based on the current 36m3/h circulation volume, the circulation ratio of 0.6 and the starting time of 345d/a in 2003 (20 days of shutdown and overhaul every year) × 108kg, which saves fresh water. On the other hand, it can eliminate the influence of irregular samples on the sensor, and the economic benefit is very significant; At the same time, it also reduces environmental pollution and enhances the sustainable development ability of enterprises. (cuihengping)

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