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The recycling of packaging waste and green packaging

first, the recycling of packaging waste is an important part of green packaging

after experiencing a disaster (the so-called white pollution) caused by the serious harm of packaging waste to the environment represented by plastic packaging waste, the yearning and pursuit of green packaging has become a hot spot in the current society. In recent years, some green packaging materials, such as paper packaging materials and degradable plastics, which are relatively easy to degrade and can be absorbed by nature in a short time and return to nature, have attracted great attention from the public opinion circles and are generally welcomed by people

what is green packaging? Experts at home and abroad agree that starting from the acquisition of raw materials for packaging materials, in the process of processing and production from raw materials to products, in the use of packaging materials and in the recycling and disposal of packaging waste after use, at all stages of its entire life cycle, it will not endanger human health and damage the natural environment. In addition, it should also have the characteristics of saving material resources and energy, that is, quantification reduction. In a word, only packaging materials that are really conducive to sustainable development can be called green packaging materials. If the harm of packaging materials to the environment or human body at a certain (or some) stage is eliminated through effective measures, the packaging materials will be transformed from non green packaging materials to green packaging materials. China's environmental labeling product certification committee recently clearly instructed that non degradable packaging materials with a recycling rate of more than 75% can also be granted the environmental labeling product identification, which is the basis of this decision. At present, many packaging materials, especially many plastic packaging materials that cause the harm of "white pollution", their harm to human beings does not lie in the damage to the environment in the production and processing process from raw materials to products, nor in the harm to human body in the process of utilization and circulation as packaging materials, but only in their stable performance, which is not easy to decompose in the natural environment and be absorbed by nature, As a result, their waste has seriously damaged the natural environment and seriously affected the ecological balance. Therefore, as long as they do a good job in the recycling of these packaging materials and eliminate the harm of their packaging waste to the environment, they will naturally be transformed from non green packaging materials to green packaging materials. In the prevention and control of "white pollution", foreign developed countries have explored a set of successful experiences of the so-called "three levels and one D" (they reduce the amount of packaging materials to reduce pollution sources, reuse, recycle and develop packaging materials such as degradable plastics that are easy to decompose in nature) which are worthy of our reference. How to do a good job in the recycling of existing packaging materials, reduce the negative impact of its waste on the environment, so that it can be transformed from non green packaging materials to green packaging materials is a very important content in the green field of material testing machine classification, which can not be ignored. From the Perspective of saving material resources, degradable packaging materials also have a recycling problem, Therefore, we must attach great importance to the recycling of packaging waste

Second, the recycling of packaging waste is an important aspect of the implementation of the municipal government's practical affairs

in Shanghai, our focus is on regenerative medicine. One of the practical things that the government proposed to do for the citizens this year is to establish a community waste recycling transaction and promote waste reduction, recycling and harmlessness, which has attracted the attention and participation of the general public. The recycling of packaging waste plays a special role in waste reduction, recycling and harmlessness. Firstly, packaging waste accounts for a considerable proportion of urban waste, and secondly, several major packaging materials used in large quantities at present have recyclable reuse value. Therefore, paying attention to the utilization of packaging waste and doing a good job in the recycling of packaging waste is an important aspect of implementing the spirit of the municipal government to do practical things, and it is an obligatory obligation of our industry association and our packaging workers

III. recycling of packaging waste

we need to further strengthen publicity and establish the necessary recycling system. Although packaging waste has the attribute of renewable utilization, it provides an opportunity to show that the effective recycling of individual packaging waste is difficult and unrealistic. Recycling and utilization are two complementary aspects, so we must pay attention to both recycling and utilization at the same time. As far as the production technology of packaging waste recycling is concerned, Shanghai has a certain foundation. At present, the main problem is to establish a recycling network of packaging waste covering urban and rural areas under the condition of market economy as soon as possible, and form a relatively complete recycling system of packaging waste. At the same time, through the community, primary and secondary schools and other ways, we can further improve the environmental awareness of citizens, so that everyone can consciously support the recycling of packaging waste

IV. some problems that need to be paid great attention in the recycling of packaging waste

some problems that need to be paid great attention in the recycling of packaging waste: environmental pollution in the recycling of packaging waste; Emphasize the rational use of reincarnation; Improve the production technology level accompanied by stagnation, and improve the social and economic benefits of enterprises

(source: Green Packaging Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association)

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