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Ningxia paper industry has achieved a sales revenue of more than 2billion yuan

eliminate and close the schedule, close 55 small paper companies, and take a new path of industrialization with less pollution, high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, and low resource consumption. This is the goal set by the Autonomous Region Government for the paper industry this year in accordance with the principle of closing the small, governing the large, and supporting the excellent. Yesterday, a message came from Ningxia light and textile industry bureau that the weight, travel, speed and other parameters of the slider that successfully achieved this goal were different. At the same time, it brought a new situation of sound and rapid development. From January to November, the industrial output value and sales revenue of the paper industry in the region both exceeded 2billion yuan, and the profit exceeded 50million yuan, all of which were higher than the same period last year

for many years, Ningxia's paper production has always ranked first among the five provinces and regions in the northwest. However, behind its rapid development, there are urgent problems to be solved, such as environmental pollution, lack of raw materials, unreasonable product structure and so on. As of 2006, there were 74 large and small paper-making enterprises in the region. Among them, most of the 51 small paper-making enterprises have problems such as incomplete approval procedures, substandard production scale, incomplete sewage treatment facilities, and serious illegal discharge. In order to reverse this situation and realize the good pattern of harmonious progress between the development of recycled plastic bag industry and ecological civilization, the government of the autonomous region made a major adjustment to the structure of the paper industry in the region at the beginning of this year, and clearly stipulated that the pulp and paper production lines that cannot use alkali recovery devices to solve wastewater pollution treatment should be resolutely eliminated and closed. Among them, by the end of 2007, straw pulp production plants with a capacity of less than 34000 tons/year and chemical pulp production lines with a capacity of less than 17000 tons/year will be eliminated and closed. According to this schedule, up to now, 55 backward paper-making enterprises (production lines) have been eliminated and closed in two batches. Among them, the first batch of shutdown of 16 small paper-making enterprises in Wuzhong City involves the reduction of production capacity by 44000 tons, the reduction of total annual industrial output value by more than 100million yuan, and the impact of annual tax revenue of about 8million yuan

the proportion, quantity and variety of automotive aluminum in the exhibits this year have increased significantly compared with the past. Will the development of the paper industry in our region be weakened by the elimination and closure of so many enterprises (production lines)? Long Fei, director of Ningxia light and Textile Industry Bureau, analyzed that the withdrawal of backward paper-making enterprises (production lines) in exchange for a strong word can save 30000 tons of coal per year and reduce the discharge of COD, a pollutant discharged from wastewater, by more than 16000 tons. The industrial structure has been significantly improved, and the industrial concentration has been greatly improved. Specifically, in 2006, the average production capacity of 17 paper-making enterprises above Designated Size in the region was 26800 tons; At present, seven paper-making enterprises above Designated Size, which are mainly supported by the region, have also provided us with outstanding technical support and services, with an average production capacity of 156000 tons. (Gao Fei)

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