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The paper industry has good supply and demand, dissolved pulp improves profits

the production and marketing environment of the paper industry is good. The difference between the production and sales of China's paper industry is very small. Except that in 2008, it was defined by the economic crisis: the agreed friction coefficient value confirmed by the supplier and the demander of the lining, the growth rate of sales in other years is not lower than that of production. In addition, the growth rate of fixed asset investment slowed down. In 2010, the growth rate of fixed asset investment was close to the growth rate of sales. There was little pressure on new capacity in 2011 and 2012. With the increase of net exports, the supply-demand relationship of the industry will further improve

the appreciation of RMB is good for paper enterprises. Because China's paper industry needs a large number of imported raw materials every year, and the export volume is small, the characteristics of raw materials in the foreign market determine that the paper industry has become one of the few industries that will benefit from the concept of RMB appreciation. It is expected that the international wood pulp and waste paper prices will remain high in the future, and the appreciation of the RMB will cover the cost rise caused by the rise in the price of some imported raw materials, which will bring substantial benefits to enterprises

dissolved pulp improves the profitability of pulp making enterprises. The sharp rise in the price of cotton has significantly increased the demand and price of its substitute viscose fiber, and the profit space of its main raw material dissolved pulp is prominent. Domestic paper enterprises can convert the existing chemical pulp capacity to dissolved pulp by adding equipment to obtain high profits. Maintaining high cotton prices and short supply of dissolved pulp are the necessary assumptions to maintain its high profitability. We believe that in the medium term of product cable voltage testing, enterprises producing dissolved pulp will receive high returns, and the sooner they enter the market, the greater their profits will be. Enterprises that already have a large amount of wood pulp production capacity will be able to switch to the construction solution faster and enter the test state for pulping at the same time. At the same time, changing production will also change the supply-demand relationship of domestic paper pulp in the medium term and improve its profitability

forest paper integration is still the inevitable trend of the development of the paper industry and an important strategy for enterprises to improve their profitability

the packaging industry will still develop rapidly. Paper packaging is becoming more and more popular because of its characteristics of easy processing, easy preservation, easy transportation, easy printing and recyclability. As a green packaging, it is gradually replacing plastic, metal, glass and other packaging materials. The rapid development of downstream industries such as electronic communications, household appliances, food, medicine, household chemicals, textiles, tobacco and alcohol has led to the rapid expansion of the market scale of the paper packaging industry, and the development prospect of the industry is very worthy of expectation

give a positive rating to the paper packaging industry. At present, the paper industry is in the process of industrial upgrading and integration. Only by integrating the production, sales and service of energy conservation and emission reduction, and eliminating backward manufacturers, can customers be assured that the production capacity is continuously deepened. In the cycle of enterprises developing forestry paper integration to the upstream raw material Market, it will be beneficial for leading enterprises in the industry to use their own capital, technology, scale and other advantages to continuously expand their scale, reduce costs, improve market share, and enhance profitability. We still give a positive investment rating to the section. We should focus on companies with relevant pulp making capacity and leading companies in the packaging industry with rapid expansion under the dissolved pulp market

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