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In the 21st century, the paper industry has been forced to enter the mainland to continue the original lifeline of enterprises. At present, Taiwan Huazhi, yongfengyu, Rongcheng and Zhenglong have deployed mainland investment, among which Huazhi, which has a thick provincial color, is the most active. In addition to joint venture with yongfengyu to eat the mainland Guangdong Guangning pulp mill, it also invests in Guangdong Dingfeng paper company

the main reason for this wave of mainland investment fever is that the mainland is about to join the WTO, the market is about to open to the outside world, and the thickness of the arbitration sample is 3mm. Recently, the central government has proposed relevant preferential measures to attract Taiwan businessmen to accelerate mainland investment. The paper industry is optimistic that the mainland will join the WTO at the end of the year, and the growth potential of the paper and printing market will surge. Yongfengyu will integrate the strength of related enterprises to speed up the pace of mainland investment, and the group's Zhonghua color and Chenshi printing will also jointly set up printing plants in the mainland

through the joint acquisition of Guangning pulp mill in Guangdong Province in the mainland with yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd. by the board of directors, the total investment amount is about 54.56 million US dollars, about 1.68 billion Taiwan dollars, of which 60% is Huazhi, 40% is yongfengyu, 1.08 billion yuan is Huazhi, and 672million yuan is yongfengyu. This is the second time that the two companies have made overseas investment together after investing in Yongji paper factory in Indonesia. It is also the first time that China paper has entered the mainland market

Huazhi pointed out that the raw materials of Guangning paper mill for pulp production are bamboo and wood, and unbleached wood pulp is produced, which belongs to broad-leaved pulp. The daily output is 150 tons and the annual output is 51000 tons. At present, the demand for pulp in the mainland is quite large. Last year, 300 tons of pulp were imported, and it is estimated that 3.5 million tons of pulp will be imported this year. Therefore, we will cooperate with yongfengyu to invest in the existing production equipment, and strive for domestic and export sales to enter the domestic pulp market in the mainland

in addition, China paper also invested in the establishment of Guangdong Dingfeng Paper Co., Ltd., which plans to increase US $22million. Its main business items are the production and marketing of non long fiber pulp, long fiber pulp, writing and printing paper, and Daolin paper. The total investment in the mainland approved by the Investment Review Commission is US $13.2 million

after yongfengyu built Jiangyin white board factory five years ago, it set up a household paper factory in Kunshan again three years ago. In the industrial paper market, at present, yongfengyu has three paper mills in the mainland. In the next three years, 2-3 paper mills will be added every year, reaching the scale of more than 10 paper mills in 92, and industrial paper mills will be established. As the current import volume of industrial paper in the mainland is still more than 2million metric tons, there is considerable room for development

in order to enter the mainland market, Shen's printing has made various arrangements. In addition to jointly investing in feiji technology with Founder group, Shen's investment in the Chinese industry has built 50000 pieces of Taiwanese business information, and it is estimated that the number of members in 89 will reach more than 1000. In addition to market evaluation, they are the basic customer base after the establishment of the printing factory. Shen said that the factory location assessed at present is mainly in the greater Shanghai region, and the target markets are cultural printing, commercial printing and packaging printing. Both sides said that the overall investment plan is still under evaluation

a large paper machine invested by Rongcheng Longda factory, which was reinvested by Rongcheng inland, was put into production at the end of May, and entered the mass production stage due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries. According to Rongcheng's estimation, the annual output of the new paper machine will reach 100000 metric tons. It is expected that after the new paper machine is added to the mass production lineup, the daily output of industrial paper is expected to reach 200 tons

Rongcheng said that in 1988, Rongcheng was positioned as a professional industrial paper manufacturer. In order to expand the production scale of industrial paper, Rongcheng paper has recently increased its investment in Rongcheng Longda factory. At present, its shareholding has reached 90.6%, with a total investment of US $29million. At present, the mainland industrial paper market still needs to import 20 products from abroad every year, breaking the pattern of long-term monopoly of foreign competitors. More than 100 million tons of industrial paper is available for the market, In particular, the demand for high-grade industrial paper is urgent, and it cannot be ruled out that in the future, we will invest in new paper machines according to market conditions. In addition, l&c (BVI), a subsidiary of Rongcheng, reinvested US $5million in Baolong Oriental leisure Co., Ltd. (Caymans), and then indirectly invested in the mainland through a third place. Zhenglong has applied to the Investment Review Commission to invest and set up factories in Shanghai, the mainland, with a total investment of more than US $10million

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