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Taiwan's paper industry has rushed to attack the business opportunities of plastic bag substitutes

in view of the fact that the government will gradually ban the use of plastic bags and styrofoam products in Taiwan Province, in order to rush into this market of more than 100 billion new Taiwan dollars and at the same time soft business opportunities, yongfengyu has used nanotechnology to invest in the development of new products, and paper products that are steam, water and oil resistant have begun trial production. In the future, in addition to the island market, it can strive for export orders; The corrugated cushioning materials invested by Zhenglong and Rongcheng paper industries have also come out, and they are vigorously expanding the market and striving for orders. In the future, more substitutes will come out one after another

in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the "Environmental Protection Agency" recently announced that from July 1 this year, public authorities will take the lead in banning the use of plastic bags, and from January next year, it will be extended to mass merchandising stores and supermarkets, while poly dragon will also reduce its use year by year; However, due to the strong opposition from the market, the "Environmental Protection Agency" has followed suit, and the implementation time of the measure of banning the use of plastic bags in private stores can be discussed again. As the market opportunity reaches more than NT $100 billion, paper makers are attracted to invest in the development of new paper products in order to seize this market opportunity and increase revenue sources

he Shouchuan, chairman of yongfengyu, pointed out that based on the requirements of green environmental protection, the developed countries in the world have reached a consensus that they will reduce the use of plastic bags and styrofoam products that cannot be decomposed by nature year by year; As Taiwan has also taken measures to ban the use of plastic bags year by year, paper products with new functions will replace plastic bags, which will bring considerable business opportunities to the paper industry and add a little help to the operation and growth of the paper industry. In recent months, the company has actively invested in the research and development of new packaging materials. Through the latest nanotechnology, paper products with special functions and steam, water and oil resistance have been developed. At present, they are in pilot production and can be mass produced in a short time; In addition, paper products with new functions such as anti-static and fresh-keeping will also come out one after another to seize market opportunities

Cai Donghe, general manager of Zhenglong, said that during the transportation of information, home appliances and electronic products, collision should be avoided to cause damage to products, so manufacturers will use Baolilong as the material to protect products; Due to the rising awareness of environmental protection, styrofoam will reduce its use year by year. In view of the development of this trend, the company has recently actively invested in research and development. Corrugated cushioning materials that can replace styrofoam have come out. At present, the market scale is not large, but the market demand is gradual. The shaft sleeve should be sleeved and increased. The demand will increase year by year. The market space that can be developed is still large, and it is vigorously expanding the market

chenzhishou, chief financial officer of Rongcheng, said that the company has developed corrugated cushioning materials that take the advantage of carbon nanotube reinforced composites, which can replace styrofoam, but limited by the law, the use of styrofoam is not forcibly prohibited, and the current order intake is not large; In the future, as long as the policies can be specifically implemented, the market demand can increase, the market opportunities will be broader, and the number of orders will increase significantly; As the research and development work continues, paper products with high strength and water resistance will also come out one after another

he Shouchuan stressed that in the future, nanotechnology can be applied to papermaking products, with more revolutionary PEUU; With the advent of the fewest new products of PCU, the market opportunities will not be limited to the domestic market. In the future, it can be sold all over the world and show greater achievements in overseas markets

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