At the end of October, China's crude oil inventory

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At the end of October, China's crude oil inventory fell by 1.84% month on month

China's oil inventory data released on November 25 showed that at the end of October (becoz bicycle seat), China's crude oil inventory (excluding reserve inventory) fell by 1.84% month on month, and gasoline, diesel and kerosene inventory fell by 6.08% month on month. Among them, gasoline inventory decreased by 1.27% month on month, diesel inventory decreased by 10.39%, pipelines were smooth and clean by 5%, and kerosene inventory decreased by 4.61%. In October, domestic crude oil processing consumption hit a new high in the year, and the technical standard for building structure testing gb/t50344 ⑵ 004 reached 41.08 million tons, a significant increase of 2.43 million tons month on month; On the contrary, crude oil production fell to a low level in the year, and net imports also fell by 5.31 million tons to 20.3 million tons

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