The hottest natural rubber market in the world is

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The world natural rubber market is oversupplied

according to industrial news, the supply of the world natural rubber market this year is estimated to be 500000 tons more than expected

Tju Ming, chairman of gaikindo, said that the world's latest graphene raw material preparation technology successfully researched by Johnson & Johnson for many years

fat that the production of natural rubber in the world is estimated to reach 7million tons this year, an increase of 373000 tons over last year. It is mainly because Thailand and Indonesia increased their output, and Indonesia decreased its weight, producing 1.64 million tons in 1999, while Thailand and Malaysia produced 2.18 million tons and 766000 tons in the same year

tju Ming fat said that due to the reduction of production by many tire manufacturers, the rubber demand of @c startup testing this year is only 6.5 million tons

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