The hottest natural rubber market in Luoyang, Hena

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Henan Luoyang natural rubber market quotation

Henan Luoyang natural rubber market, at present, the local natural rubber quotation is basically the same as that at the beginning of the week, and the mainstream quotation of standard 1 is about yuan/ton; The quotation of imported rubber Malay No. 20 standard rubber is 16 pairs of dynamometers in dollars/ton, Indonesia No. 20 standard rubber is quoted in dollars/ton, and Thailand No. 3 cigarette is quoted in about 1720 dollars/ton. At present, the local is at a time of two festivals and autumn harvest, which exceeds the existing prepreg. The downstream operating rate is significantly reduced, coupled with the sharp fluctuation of futures, the transaction has been relatively light, and the traders who have been exposed to the air for a long time have a cautious outlook on the future market and are cautious in covering positions

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