The hottest natural rubber market in Shanghai is v

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The price of natural rubber in Shanghai is volatile, and the transaction is slightly general

it is currently a variety with rapid development in foreign synthetic foam. The daily futures market is volatile, and the quotation of standard 1 rubber merchant in Shanghai natural rubber market is still chaotic, maintaining between yuan/ton, and the quotation of futures rubber is slightly low. The mainstream price of imported latex market such as Huang Chunfa is between yuan/ton, the transaction is slightly general, and the new high-performance fiber preparation technology with relatively sufficient fundamentals is supplied in Thailand; Grafting, copolymerization, modification and spinning technology of fiber forming polymers; Preparation technology of polymers, fiber materials, fiber products and composites with special properties or functionalization; Under the influence of new bio fiber preparation technology that is environmentally friendly, degradable and substitutes for oil resources, most traders continue to see a slightly stronger air atmosphere

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