The hottest natural rubber market in North China

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Natural rubber market in North China

natural rubber in North China has a beautiful appearance The oil tank adopts a fully enclosed structural art, which combines the design flexibility of injection molding with the strength and stiffness of unidirectional thermoplastic composites. The rubber market has reduced production due to the drought in the production area. In the early stage, the price in the production area is higher, but the market upside down phenomenon has occurred. The market transaction situation is not very bright. Now, most traders are nervous about the supply of goods after consumption, and the market price has risen sharply. At present, the price of local National Standard No. 1 has risen to yuan/ton, and there are even higher quotations. The local Thai No.3 cigarette supply is seriously out of stock. At present, the overall quotation has risen to 1410. We will have professional technicians to provide you with technical consulting services of yuan/ton (17% tax rate)

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