The old topic of relocation of cremation enterpris

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The old topic of relocation of chemical enterprises was fermented again

the old topic of relocation of chemical enterprises was fermented again

September 6, 2015

[China paint information] the joint group meeting of the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress held on August 30 revealed that after the "August 12" accident in Tianjin, more than 1000 chemical enterprises were reported to need to be relocated and transformed nationwide, with a total relocation cost of about 400billion yuan. In recent days, the old topic of relocation of chemical enterprises has been fermented again in the industry

zhengbaoshan, director of the petrochemical division of the petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute, said in an interview with the China Chemical Daily that the relocation and transformation of chemical enterprises involved the problem of "where to move and where the money comes from". The park is a direction for the global petrochemical industry to solve the problem of chemical siege, and it is also a major measure for China's petrochemical industry to promote in recent years. He believes that the new round of relocation should pay attention to the analysis chart of the travel range of the four tension machines

first, strictly implement the existing national laws, regulations and various systems, respect the basic right to survival of enterprises, and avoid one size fits all. Earlier, in some places in China, a chemical enterprise in the city stopped production because an enterprise was interviewed by the Ministry of environmental protection due to pollution problems

second, there is no law or regulation on forced enterprise relocation in China. In addition, the nature of ownership, location, production scale, process and products of enterprises are different. In the process of considering enterprises to leave the city and enter the park, the central and local governments must formulate and issue corresponding supporting policies, including compensation measures and personnel resettlement policies, so that enterprises can "move and build"

third, before the introduction of the national mandatory enterprise relocation policy, corresponding policies should be formulated according to the different conditions of the relocated enterprises. For example, the backward production capacity that the state has ordered to be eliminated should be closed, stopped and eliminated within a time limit in strict accordance with relevant regulations; Enterprises that fail to meet the safety and environmental protection standards may be ordered to rectify and implement technical transformation

fourth, we should give play to the role of the market as the main body in resource allocation, so that enterprises can consciously and voluntarily close, stop, merge and transfer through mergers and acquisitions, or according to market conditions

Yang Ting, Secretary General of the park Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pointed out that the development direction is for chemical enterprises to leave the city and enter the park, but there are also problems that can not be ignored in the construction of chemical parks. For example, how to define the chemical industry park, who approves, plans, constructs and supervises it, and the scale and standards of the park have not attracted enough attention

Yang Ting emphasized that at present, there are national, provincial (municipal) and county-level chemical parks in China, and even some towns and townships have chemical parks. Some operators of chemical industry parks only provide basic construction facilities such as water, electricity, transportation and construction, and informatization and intellectualization are completed by the settled enterprises themselves; The informatization construction of the park has its own system, the level is not high, and there is a lack of remote and centralized control mode. Its small jaws and business systems operate separately at the same time. The software and hardware systems are relatively independent, and the database is also relatively independent, which can not realize the sharing of information resources; After the completion of safety, environmental protection, accident emergency and other management experiments, there is a lack of effective data support, and some parks still rely solely on manpower

Yang Ting reminded that if an enterprise moves to a park that does not have sewage discharge, fire control, emergency response capabilities or has problems in its own planning, the consequences will be very bad, and there is a possibility of "secondary relocation"

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