The oil output of CNOOC this year will reach 50mil

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CNOOC's oil output this year will reach 50million tons

the sea and sky are vast, and the sea is the "Hometown" of CNOOC. For China's oil industry, offshore oil belongs to the "new generation", which is the fastest growing wing of China's oil industry in the past 20 years

in today's China, when it comes to "offshore oil", China National Offshore Oil Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CNOOC", whose headquarters is located in the northwest corner of Chaoyang menqiao, Beijing - a slightly light green building with novel shape) can almost replace each other, because the industry in this field is basically controlled by "CNOOC"

offshore oil has a very high input and output. It is easy to invest more than 1billion to build an offshore oil production platform. In addition, it needs the overall support of aviation, port and ship systems. At present, this is not a place where private entrepreneurs can go in and out. Walking into the headquarters of "CNOOC", the tall space there clearly conveys a grand national style

on the morning of the interview, after a brief introduction by LV Bo, the company's deputy general manager and spokesman, Wu wenlai, the director of the office, provided the following data:

this year, CNOOC will realize its long cherished wish - to produce 50million tons of oil annually and build a "offshore Daqing". This output is equivalent to 1/4 of China's current annual oil output

in the 28 years since its establishment, CNOOC has established 77 oil and gas fields, with an oil and gas output of 39.25 million tons of oil equivalent in 2009. It can be seen that this year's production target has leapt a big step forward. According to the 2008 report of the Ministry of land and resources, China's offshore oil-bearing basins cover an area of about 1.6 million square kilometers, with 39 billion tons of oil and gas geological resources. This is the main area for CNOOC's future development

in the past five years, CNOOC's oil and gas production has increased by 5.7% annually, its total assets have increased by 29% annually, and the tax paid has increased by 29.5% annually in accordance with the verification regulations of electronic universal testing machine and non-metallic tensile, pressure and universal testing machine. In terms of total assets and net assets, it is equivalent to rebuilding three CNOOC in five years. The lithium resources of China Salt Lake are mainly located in Qinghai and Tibet. CNOOC has been firmly listed as one of the "global top 500 enterprises" and has risen from 318 last year to 252 this year. The top 500 are ranked by revenue. If the top 500 are ranked by net profit, CNOOC will rise to the 9th place. In 2018, global peek will usher in the 6th place of demand peak. If the profit margin is sorted by dividing the net profit by the revenue, CNOOC will rise to No. 63. This shows the profitability of CNOOC

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