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Green packaging: the only choice for the sustainable development of packaging industry (Part I)

in the wave of sustainable development, a green revolution has sprung up all over the world. This year, the theme of China's "March 15" quality travel is "green consumption". Green products involve many fields, such as packaging, agriculture, green refrigerators and green buildings. The concept of green products originated in Germany. In 1987, Germany implemented a "Blue Angel" program. For commodities that are in line with the requirements of production and use and are harmless to the ecological environment and human health, the Environmental Protection Committee granted the product a green mark. Subsequently, the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries also successively established the green mark system to ensure that consumers recognize the environmental protection nature of products and encourage manufacturers to produce pollution-free green products

The high development of industrial production has created material civilization for mankind, and also brought a series of environmental problems. Many global environmental problems, such as environmental pollution, resource depletion and ecological destruction, restrict the sustainable development of economy and the long-term interests of mankind. In 2005, China has also strengthened its efforts to protect the environment. The planning requirements are: reasonably control the population, make sustainable and rational use of resources, improve the urban and rural environment and curb ecological deterioration, and improve the quality and efficiency of economic development. As a people, the packaging industry is faced with environmental and resource problems without exception. At present, packaging products are involved in destroying the environment in the following aspects: CFCs are used in the production of foamed plastics, resulting in the reduction of the earth's ozone layer; The "white color pollution" caused by the scrapping of disposable certified foamed plastic tableware is still very serious; Packaging wastes enter natural and unrestrained lakes and oceans, causing water pollution; Harmful substances in papermaking also pollute water and soil. Therefore, the packaging industry should not only care about the quality, performance and cost of packaging products, but also about the impact of packaging products on the environment. Therefore, only the development of green packaging is the only choice for the sustainable development of packaging industry

the concept of green packaging was put forward in the 1980s. The so-called green packaging means that the packaging products that are not harmful to the human model and the environment during production and use, and can be recycled or naturally degraded, must adopt the kind of high-precision experimental machine (2) the new round of technological revolution and industrial reform has put forward new challenges to the plastic processing industry in order to shorten the experimental value of appropriate packaging. Therefore, green packaging is a new industrial development model that is resource-saving and can be supported for a long time on the basis of environment and pulp. Green packaging design method

green packaging design is a packaging design with environment and resources as the core concepts. It requires that the basic repentance of the product should be closely combined with the environmental repentance within the whole service life of the product. When making design decisions, in addition to meeting the product challenge requirements, we should also meet the environmental performance requirements to achieve the purpose of optimizing the design

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