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The refined oil price twice refused to adjust the pricing mechanism "dormant" in April

experts offered suggestions, suggesting that the current refined oil pricing mechanism reform should be "open and transparent"

the domestic refined oil pricing mechanism seems to be in a "dormant" state, because it has been nearly four months since the last adjustment on June 1

according to the measures for the administration of oil prices (Trial) previously issued by the national development and Reform Commission, when the moving average price of crude oil in the international market changes by more than 4% for 22 consecutive working days, the price of domestic refined oil can be adjusted accordingly

however, in the past four months, although the price adjustment conditions have been met twice during the period, the NDRC has been "standing still". The rumor that the pricing mechanism of refined oil was shortened to 10 days was also denied by the national development and Reform Commission

in fact, since the implementation of the new deal, every time the oil price has been adjusted or approached the price adjustment window, there will be voices of doubt in the market. Even in the eyes of many people, the price adjustment of the national development and Reform Commission is "only rising but not falling", or "more rising but less falling"

according to industry experts, the new mechanism has maintained the stable operation of the domestic refined oil market, but there are also problems that the adjustment is not timely enough, which lags behind the changes in international oil prices, and there is room for further improvement of relevant regulations

there has also been a long-standing call for the reform of the pricing mechanism of refined oil products. For example, at the beginning of the year, zhouwangjun, deputy director of the price department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in 2010, the national development and Reform Commission would adjust the relevant details of the oil price management measures, and would solicit social opinions in a corresponding way; During the "two sessions" of the National People's Congress this year, some deputies to the National People's Congress also proposed to shorten the interval of price adjustment stipulated in the current mechanism and delegate the power of price adjustment in a certain range to oil enterprises. On August 23, Sinopec executives disclosed to the media that the state is evaluating, analyzing and improving the pricing mechanism of refined oil products, summarizing the implementation and seeking the possibility of further optimization

"since the implementation of the new oil price management measures, the correlation between China's product oil price and the international crude oil price has further increased, and it will not cause serious pollution to the nature, but the new price mechanism has also exposed some problems." A researcher in the energy industry said that under China's existing management system, the state cannot completely liberalize the pricing of refined oil products to make them market-oriented, but can only be controllable and indirectly connected with the market. Therefore, the reform of product oil price formation mechanism in China should first make the pricing mechanism open and transparent

analysts believe that if the window period of product oil price adjustment can be shortened to 10 days, the increase of adjustment frequency will inevitably make the adjustment range less than the current 4%. In this way, the market's expectation of oil price changes will be weakened, and market speculation will inevitably be reduced. The average price movement of 4% can not obviously reflect the fluctuation frequency of crude oil price in the international market, which is easy to cause the lag of domestic refined oil price adjustment

liuyijun, a professor at the school of Business Administration of China University of petroleum, believes that it is far from enough for the current foam granulator industry to pay attention to environmental protection. The price is determined by the market structure. Under the current market structure, no matter how the government sets the price ceiling, there will be problems, such as oil shortage or oversupply. Therefore, the long-term reform of the price mechanism should focus on changing the market structure

"in fact, the national refined oil price adjustment mechanism is more faced with the operators of end-user granulators, so the reform should satisfy consumers. The key to the pricing mechanism is how to find a balance between consumer acceptance and the profits of oil majors." Insiders said that the future reform of the retail price of refined oil should take into account the wholesale price of domestic refined oil while continuing to adjust the price of refined oil with reference to the change rate of the three places. At the same time, we should also take into account the economic development level of different regions in China to realize differential pricing, and the price gap between developed and underdeveloped regions should be reflected

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