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Introduction: another year “ Gold nine silver ten ” During the peak decoration season, many people will choose to start the decoration of their new houses at this time. What decoration details need to be paid attention to and watched closely during the decoration in autumn? Now let's take a look with Xiaobian

now “ Gold nine silver ten ” During the peak decoration season, many citizens will also choose to start the decoration of their new houses during this period. However, the reporter learned from the interview that in fact, many citizens who are preparing to decorate or have begun to decorate do not know much about the basic knowledge of decoration. So, from a professional point of view, does the industry have a reminder or suggestion for the people, such as what needs to be prepared when I want to decorate? What should be paid special attention to in decoration? With the same focus, the reporter conducted an interview

if the owner is anxious to check in, he should plan the time in advance

“ Give three suggestions to the owners who want to decorate. First, do a good job in design and planning. The total time of the decoration process will be two to three months. The owners who are anxious to move in plan the time in advance; The second is to do a good job in design planning. The owner of the decoration company should find a designer to do a good job in design planning in advance, discuss more in the early stage and change less in the later stage, so as to avoid waste caused by changing the design scheme; Then, do a good job in construction planning, and try to hire a formal decoration company to ensure the construction. If you hire a construction team, try to hire a construction supervisor to ensure the construction& rdquo; Sheng Mao, a teacher engaged in interior design in the new area, said

at the same time, the teacher reminded that the decoration taboo is to try to be small and cheap and suffer heavy losses. The cost of artificial materials is fixed. If the quotation of the decoration company is ridiculously low, you must use it with caution

circuit wiring, consider high-power appliances in advance

“ We often say that the major step of decoration is the installation of water, electricity, wood, tiles, oil and main materials. However, for many citizens who have no experience in decoration for the first time, before officially starting the five steps of decoration, there is another very important work, that is, before the house decoration, the wall of the house needs to be checked to confirm whether there is hollowing and cracking. Users of floor heating must first find professionals to conduct pressure experiments& rdquo; Mr. Xue, an insider in the interior decoration industry, told reporters

“ When changing water and electricity, the general public should be reminded that water pipes must use brand and environmental friendly water pipes. Because the water pipe is invisible in the wall after the decoration is completed, it can be said to be a very basic project like the electric wire. Water use is closely related to future life and health, and the choice of water pipes is very important& rdquo; Mr. Xue said& ldquo; Changing the circuit and laying wires are also very critical steps. In addition to reminding the public that they should have a plan for the distribution and direction of the circuit before decoration, another point is to pay attention to the need to consider high-power appliances in advance when wiring the circuit, so as to prevent the wires from overheating and causing short circuit in the later stage& rdquo;

the drawings should be kept when changing water and electricity

“ One more thing to pay attention to in the work of changing water and electricity is to carry out the power on test and pressure test after the completion of water and electricity wiring. Such a detail is to test whether the water and electricity after the change can work normally, so as to avoid finding problems after the subsequent steps, and it is troublesome to remedy them& rdquo; Insiders said

“ Citizens must pay attention to the road map indicating the layout and direction of water and electricity. In this way, if citizens have problems in this regard after living in, they can find the problem points according to the drawings. If there is no such map, it is difficult to find the route. For example, if citizens need to nail a nail or hang a picture in their home, it is easier to avoid boiling the water circuit with a picture& rdquo;

“ It is forbidden to use sea sand in decoration, but river sand should be used. Generally, bricklayers can see this. Pay attention to the proper proportion of cement and sand when paving floor tiles and wall tiles. At the same time, the waterproof work of the bathroom should also be closely watched. After the toilet is waterproof, a 24-hour closed water test must be carried out& rdquo; Insiders said. Many problems in daily life, such as toilet leakage, are directly related to the inadequate waterproof engineering




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