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What should I do if the space at home is small? Try making tatami! Today, the whole house customization of Novi family prepares various tatami for you to solve the problem of small space at home

for small family owners, the house is too small to buy finished furniture. Buy less furniture, and the function is not enough for daily use! At this time, you may wish to customize some tatami. Today, I will introduce some tatami to you

many families like to set platforms with different shapes indoors to meet the needs of beauty and practicality

in terms of the current furniture market form, tatami is gradually popular, because tatami covers a small area, saves space, and can also increase sentiment, so it is deeply loved by owners

most of the small two bedroom or three bedroom houses will have a space for the combination of study and secondary bedroom, which not only meets the reading space, but also allows temporary relatives and friends to have a place to rest

in this space, tatami plays a great role in functionality. The size of tatami can be set according to the width of the space, but most of them are of regular bed width, which is convenient to buy mattresses. Under the tatami, there are drawers and door panels in the form of turning up, so the storage property is the ultimate

generally, families with two children will consider getting on and off the bed or 1.5m bed body to suit the rest of two children in the bedroom design

now I recommend a double bed with tatami structure. The most important thing is that it has a large number of storage functions, and combines the characteristics of drawers, door panels, upturned doors, etc., so that every space will not be wasted. As for the choice of color, it is suggested that the color of children's room has been neutral with color door panels, which will not be exaggerated and has lively characteristics

tatami is used as a bed body. What are the design of the head of the bed? The simplest is to add 18-25 cm board as a bed screen, or various bed screens with shapes, and another is the form of cabinet as a bed screen

as shown in the above figure, the cabinet is connected in front of the tatami, and the upper and lower steps are partitioned, which is not only beautiful, but also increases the storage property, which is quite practical. Next to the tatami is the bookcase composed of desk and hanging cabinet, which divides the whole space into storage area and leisure area. The tatami form also combines the advantages of storage





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