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Modern life is always fast-paced and busy. Comparing our life today with that in the past, although there are many more technologies and new forces, there are fewer and fewer antique things. Therefore, people now can create an atmosphere by some means to return to the past. Antique doors and windows are also a typical way. Sometimes, we are used to modern reinforced concrete. When we see those retro buildings or furniture, such as antique doors and windows, we will naturally have a sense of national belonging. The vicissitudes and massiness of antique doors and windows make many people quite like them, and they are also a big feature in the home market

do you know what antique doors and windows are? Archaize doors and windows, archaize, as the name suggests, is to use modern processing equipment and carving techniques to design and produce, try to imitate the style of ancient doors and windows, and then use some traditional techniques or special processing to make the doors and windows look more primitive and natural, and finally make the finished doors and windows look the same as the ancient ones. With the improvement of cultural life taste, some people begin to cherish the retro complex and pursue the implicit, poetic and simple feeling of ancient life, which is a kind of trace and nostalgia for ancient culture. Antique door and window decoration is a very popular form in modern decoration life, which has its own style. Today, I will focus on the topic of antique doors and windows to explain the relevant knowledge of antique doors and windows decoration

what are antique doors and windows

antique doors and windows are typical representatives of Chinese classical architecture. Simply put, it means literally, that is, the ancient doors and windows made by imitating the structure and pattern style of the ancient house style, integrate the modern production equipment and techniques with the traditional carving technology and the internal art of the nation, and put aesthetics and practicality in place at the same time

classification of antique doors and windows

board wood combines doors and windows. Its main frame uses solid wood, but most of the backboard uses plates. The plate is a flat rectangular building material plate, which is generally not as strong as solid wood. However, for general high-grade wood composite doors and windows, the plate core generally uses high-quality white pine, which is light in weight and not easy to deform and crack, which is better than pure solid wood. In addition, it has the characteristics of heat preservation, flame retardancy and impact resistance. However, it should be emphasized that wood and board doors and windows need to use glue to bond the plates. The smell produced by glue is pungent and long-lasting, so consumers should pay attention to it when buying

pure solid wood doors and windows, that is, the base materials used are all pure solid wood materials, with clear grain and natural color, and the style of decoration is natural and simple. However, most of the pure solid wood doors and windows are precious wood, which is more expensive. In addition, due to the limitations of the characteristics of the wood itself, pure solid wood doors and windows are easy to crack and difficult to repair

antique door and window material

dark acid branches are named after their black stripes. The wood core is mainly black, with light brown or red stripes between. The material is very hard and heavy, similar to red sandalwood. There are also knife shaped ebony, ebony, broad-leaved ebony, Lushi ebony, East African ebony, Brazil ebony, Amazon ebony and Belize ebony. You can choose according to your preferences. Now the market of blackcurrant branch is relatively small and its natural value is high, which is of great collection value

red Ramulus (also known as old mahogany) is the wood of sandalwood in Leguminosae, mainly produced in India. The most obvious thing is that there are black/brown stripes in the dark red wood grain. The wood is hard and the color is similar to that of red sandalwood. The difference between red acid branch and black acid branch is in the color with the wood core, which is chestnut brown

white sour twig is abundant in Myanmar, with the commonness of sour twig wood sour fragrance. The color is much lighter than that of red sour branch, and the wood color is close to that of CaoHua pear. Many people will confuse the two, but the price of white sour branch is much higher than that of CaoHua pear. White acid twig has fine wood and high wood stability, which is much cheaper than black red acid twig

chicken wing wood (also known as red bean wood), a kind of mahogany, with similar texture “ Chicken wings ” (V-shaped), the texture is crisscross, the color is bright, and the aroma is light. Chicken wing antique doors and windows do not need moths, and are quite elegant, which can highlight the owner's taste. However, there are some difficulties in carving chicken wing wood furniture, so it is difficult to buy a complete set of chicken wing wood furniture

price of antique doors and windows

antique doors and windows are mainly used in hotels, restaurants and some folk houses. Antique doors and windows combine traditional technology and modern style, which not only retains the classic flavor, but also has a strong flavor of modern decoration. Compared with ordinary doors and windows, antique doors and windows have stronger practicability. According to the latest price survey of antique doors and windows, the price of antique doors and windows is generally between hundreds of yuan and thousands of yuan, and the price of some high-end doors and windows can reach tens of thousands of yuan

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

antique door and window manufacturer

1. Dongyang Nanma Dongsheng antique door and window manufacturer has fine workmanship, which is suitable for hotels, restaurants, temples, teahouses, meeting rooms and home decoration! Want a satisfied antique door and window manufacturer

2. Dongyang Xiaozhang antique doors and windows are carefully carved with various precious materials, such as red tamarind, ebony, huanghuali, honghuali, lvtan, Huali, etc., at reasonable prices, and are deeply loved by domestic and foreign merchants Antique door and window company

antique door and window decoration

doors and windows have a great effect on the style and personality of home, and are an important part of home decoration. Although the tone of antique doors and windows has been set, there are many kinds of antique doors and windows. Therefore, when decorating, it is very important to choose a style of doors and windows. Putting the taste of life into the decoration of doors and windows will undoubtedly add a little warmth and comfort to your future life. Although it is retro, it is the new fashion foothold of modern people. Exquisite craftsmanship patterns and appropriate colors reveal the ancient poetic and picturesque charm every minute

the decoration of antique doors and windows draws on the essence of ancient Chinese architecture and is an extension of ancient Chinese architectural art in modern life. One of the reasons why Chinese decoration style is popular is that this retro style can bring a quiet atmosphere and dull inner impetuous mood

precautions for the decoration of antique doors and windows

(1) the price of antique doors and windows is generally relatively expensive, and most of the antique doors and windows are combined with boards and wood, which will be less durable than solid wood doors and windows. And the board will be glued with glue, which will have peculiar smell for a long time, so decorators should also pay attention to this situation when decorating

(2) in terms of material selection: in the case of both shape and technology, material is very important. Only the combination of the three can have a retro charm. Among the materials, mahogany is the best. Mahogany is divided into: red sandalwood, rosewood, Xiangzhi wood, black acid wood, red acid wood, chicken wing wood, ebony, etc. These woods are very precious. According to industry experts, at present, the main materials used for antique doors and windows are:

Blackwood, which is mainly produced in Southeast Asia and East Africa. It is famous for its unique sour smell and is a natural deodorant. There are obvious black stripes and the color is retro and deep. There are few in the market and the price is expensive

red sour wood: the texture of red sour wood is relatively straight, and the color is mostly jujube red

chicken wing wood: mostly produced in Fujian, China, it is named for its pattern like chicken wings. Chicken wing wood can be divided into new and old. The wood of new chicken wing wood is rough and the texture is muddy; The old chicken wing wood is purple brown and dark and light, and the texture is tight and fine. But at present, the market is dominated by new chicken wing wood. Because the price is cheap

precautions for antique door and window carving

the power and speed of laser have an important impact on the depth of door and window carving, and the color will change accordingly. Generally speaking, most of the carvings used on our antique doors and windows are Yin carvings, and the depth of the carvings is relatively deep. For hard doors and windows, the power setting of the engraving machine should be relatively high, so that the color of the engraved graphics is deeper. Therefore, if you want to have a lighter color, you can only correspondingly improve the engraving speed. When carving doors and windows, you should also pay attention to the fact that oil fumes are often generated to adhere to the wood surface during the carving process. For doors and windows that have been painted, it is relatively simple to deal with, as long as you wipe them slightly, but if they are generated on doors and windows that have not been painted, they are not easy to wipe them off

editor's summary: the decoration of antique doors and windows is an important part of home decoration, and its design style is closely related to other decorative styles of home. The style of antique doors and windows brings a heavy, vicissitudes and classical historical trace to home decoration, and the overall style is more lasting





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