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Analysts pointed out that the release of the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT marked the rapid development of the IOT industry. In 2012, the scale of China's IOT industry reached 365billion yuan, an increase of 38.6% over 2011. At present, smart card technology, QR code recognition, RFID chips, sensors and other sub industries will share the market growth revenue in advance

smart card is the core of technology

smart card, as a small branch of the IT industry, has a limited weight. However, with the implementation of projects such as communication, finance and government security, the unique technical characteristics and irreplaceable status of smart cards began to appear. Naturally, it will also be favored by the capital market

smart card is a standard card with micro integrated circuit chips such as microprocessor and memory. Smart cards must follow a set of standards, of which ISO7816 is the most important. ISO7816 standard specifies the shape, thickness, contact position, electrical signal, protocol, etc. of smart card. Smart cards have been applied to banking, telecommunications, transportation, social insurance, e-commerce and other fields. IC cards, financial IC cards, social insurance cards and SIM cards in all belong to the category of smart cards

at present, the listed companies related to smart card technology mainly include Dongxin Heping, Hengbao shares and new cape. From yesterday's market performance, Dongxin Heping, Hengbao shares, new cape and other stocks fell

it is worth mentioning that the interim net profit of Dongxin peace forecast in 2013 increased by up to 15%. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of smart card products and system solutions in mobile communications, banking, identity recognition, social security, public transport and other application fields. With five high-speed smart card packaging production lines, it is the largest manufacturer of smart card products for mobile communications in China. The company ranks first in the domestic market in terms of SIM card shipments and market share, and has made steady progress in developing overseas markets. It has successfully provided products and services to customers in more than 70 countries and regions around the world

Hengbao shares predicted that the net profit in the mid-term of 2013 would increase by up to 40%. The company is the only manufacturer in China that has passed the EMV certification. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating service, research and development, production and sales. It is dominated by intelligent products. It has a relatively complete industrial chain of card operating system (COS) development - card surface design - card base production - personalization. Its main production equipment is technologically advanced, highly automated and has large capacity, The annual output of magnetic stripe cards is 132.18 million, password cards is 50.4 million, and IC cards is 77.1 million, which can meet the needs of rapid delivery of large quantities of orders. Has been qualified to supply Flexi

QR code recognition is the key link

QR code is the key link of IOT, which has the advantages of multiple reading and writing, larger storage capacity and so on. Internationally renowned enterprises have made a large amount of cost-effective investment in RFID technology earlier, but there has been no progress due to the promotion bottleneck caused by the cost. QR code can play a key role in product traceability, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, anti collusion, member management, precision marketing, recall and other links. The QR code is represented as a square coding pattern, in which black and white correspond to 0 and 1 in the computer binary. The reading device can translate the black and white color blocks into general computer data, so as to obtain the information stored in the QR code. This information includes the equivalent of placing the fracture in the middle of the gauge distance, text, photos, electronic tickets, electronic receipts, discount coupons, etc

it is understood that QR code has low cost and better security than traditional bar code and lower than RFID; In addition, QR code can be transmitted and downloaded through the network, and its application is highly flexible and convenient. Intelligent has both camera and image processing functions, and is the perfect terminal for reading QR code information. With the popularization of intelligence, the application of QR code is cheaper and faster, and it is expected to quickly penetrate the civil application field. At present, applications combining QR code and intelligence include e-tickets, e-discount vouchers, advertisements, uploading and downloading, QR code business cards, etc

at present, the listed companies related to QR code recognition mainly include: Huagong technology, Shanghai belling. From yesterday's market performance, Huagong technology, Shanghai belling and other stocks fell

RFID is one of the most promising information technologies

a very important technology in IOT is RFID electronic tag technology. RFID is fast reading and writing, long-term tracking management, and it is one of the most promising information technologies. The industrial chain mainly includes labels, terminal equipment, software and system integration

rfid is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification technology. RFID sensing mainly includes two parts: tag and terminal equipment. The terminal equipment reads and writes the information in the tag through wireless signals, which can realize high-speed, contactless object marking and recognition. RFID tags do not need power supply, and have the advantages of low cost and convenience. At present, RFID is most widely used in the fields of license anti-counterfeiting, electronic payment and access control, while logistics and warehousing are relatively new application fields

at present, the listed companies related to RFID mainly include: Dahua intelligence, Zhongrui Sichuang, Xiamen Xinda, and aerospace information. From yesterday's market performance, Dahua intelligence, Zhongrui Sichuang, Xiamen Xinda, aerospace information and other stocks fell

sensor is the basis of information collection

sensor is the basis of IOT information collection. Sensors are located in the upstream of the industrial chain and have benefited a lot at the beginning of the development of IOT; At the same time, the sensor is located at the tower of the IOT pyramid, which will be the most demanding and basic link in the whole IOT industry

sensor technology leaders are easy to transform into overall solution providers, with greater growth space and stronger competitiveness, which is the preferred target of investment

at present, the listed companies related to sensors mainly include Hanwei electronics, Dali technology, Gaode infrared, spotlight technology, etc. From yesterday's market performance, Hanwei electronics, Dali technology, Gaode infrared, spotlight technology and other stocks fell

Dali technology predicts that the net profit in the mid-term of 2013 will increase by up to 30%. The company is an early domestic enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of infrared thermal imagers. It is one of the largest and most powerful domestic manufacturers of civil infrared thermal imagers, such as PWM. It has a market share of more than 20% in the field of domestic civil infrared thermal imagers. In the next decade, with the wide application of infrared thermal imagers in military and social life, The infrared thermal imager industry will enter a stage of rapid development and occupy a leading position in the industry. Through more than 10 years of technology and brand accumulation, continuous product research and development, and continuous market investment, we are ready to meet this development opportunity

the net profit of Gaode infrared forecast in the middle of 2013 increased by up to 30%. The company is the largest manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging system integrating optical, mechanical, electrical and artificial intelligence image processing technology in China, and ranks fourth in the field of thermometric infrared thermal imagers in the world. Its products are widely used in new military weapons and equipment of various arms of the sea, land and air force, as well as civil fields such as electric power, medical treatment, public security and transportation, Successfully won the bidding for infrared thermal imager equipment in T3 terminal of capital airport, and was the only one selected by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to be used in the earthquake relief work of Wenchuan earthquake, Tangjiashan dammed lake and Beichuan night dangerous situation, so as to prevent the opening of the two arms infinite system from opening for real-time monitoring

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