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IOT technology creates smart agriculture

a series of accurate figures, clear and large pictures, which is the scene seen on the large screen of the agricultural IOT integrated service platform in Yongqiao district a few days ago. Real time data such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture content, carbon dioxide concentration and so on constitute a cloud picture of agricultural production, making smart agriculture a reality

at present, this agricultural IOT technology is mainly used for large greenhouse vegetable and wheat planting households. IOT can monitor the indoor and field illumination intensity, wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity, soil moisture and other data in real time, which brings great convenience and benefits to farmers' field management. Yongqiao District Agricultural committee expert xuwenbin told

it is reported that in the area where IOT automatic collection points are established, cameras, sensors and other devices can transmit the field management information of light, humidity, temperature, crop seedlings, soil moisture, diseases, pests and weeds in the area to the agricultural IOT integrated service platform in real time. Experts send the real-time information to computers and 3G terminals in various forms, so that users can master the on-site situation and take corresponding field management measures accordingly

this technology is equivalent to the application of Japanese JIS experimental methods and data standardization technology, which provides scientific and technological support for field management. Farmers can take reasonable field management measures according to the information provided by the IOT platform. In addition, the accurate data released by IOT can effectively reduce the input of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can increase the trading volume of 5 Argo in a short time and improve the output, which is conducive to the development of agricultural production in the direction of refinement. Xu Wenbin said

lower guide main shaft (15), sub disc (16), linear ball bearing (17), two radial ball bearings (18), experimental force sensor (19), friction force sensor (20), thrust ball bearing (21), back nut (22), knurled screw 23. Operations (22) and (23) are necessary when replacing collets and loading and unloading various friction pairs. Linear ball bearing (17) can make the lower guide main shaft (15) move up and down, with small friction force, light and flexible, which can make it have high sensitivity when applying experimental force, Bearing (18) can make the time digital display of friction force transmission accurate and reliable. It is understood that Yongqiao district is the only county in our city that uses agricultural IOT technology for agricultural monitoring and management. The application of this technology has greatly improved the agricultural modernization and scientific and technological level of our city

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