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IOT report 2: building IOT coding and standard system is a top priority

query supermarket commodity information system was unveiled at the 16th International automatic identification technology exhibition. The staff scanned the bar code of the goods in the supermarket, and the price, origin, anti-counterfeiting and other information of the goods were immediately displayed. As soon as this commodity inquiry system appeared, it was welcomed by merchants and audiences. Wu mangzi's photography

the technology supporting IOT, whether bar code technology, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology or sensing technology, has become mature. Zhang duo, member of the national article Coding Standardization Technical Committee and executive director of China Automatic Identification Technology Association, believes that the coding rules and management mechanism of IOT has become a top priority for the development of IOT. Zhang Chenghai, director of China article coding center, stressed that article coding is the foundation of IOT, and IOT standard system is an important part of IOT construction. The center will start the construction of national IOT coding system and national IOT standard system

the information of IOT depends on the chip:

what the chip writes and how to write the chip

IOT was first proposed by Massachusetts Institute of technology in 1999. After 10 years of development, people have a relatively clear understanding of IOT, that is, based on the information network, IOT uses data acquisition technology and sensing technology to connect objects with the network according to standardized protocols, so as to realize the identification, positioning, tracking Intelligent network system for monitoring and management

from the current understanding of IOT, the more appropriate name of traditional IOT should be Business Federation. Commodity information refers to all kinds of information in the life cycle of commodities, such as production, logistics, sales, quality and safety, which are directly related to commodities. Zhang duo believes that running commodity information on the Internet is essentially a commercial Federation. Only running item information on the Internet is IOT. Zhang Chenghai believes that things are goods, which are more extensive and richer in information than commodities, and also include other information of goods, such as physical attributes, physical environment, physical form, etc; The automatic data acquisition system such as information sensing equipment, namely, the application of bar code, radio frequency identification, sensing, positioning and other technologies to collect the information of objects, is a means of connecting objects; That is, on the basis of information network, the extended intelligent network system for identifying, locating, tracking, monitoring and managing objects is the basis of IOT information transmission

no matter which technology, as long as the information of items is written into various carriers to realize the identification, transmission and processing of item information, it should become the supporting technology of IOT. Zhang duo believes that even without the concept of IOT, related technologies are developing rapidly in their respective fields; When talking about IOT today, we should not focus solely on the research and development of chips, but on what and how to write into the chips. The resolution of these two problems will promote the rapid development of related technologies

According to the requirements of IOT, a product should have different marks in different links of the supply chain. When a bottle of drink is produced, it should be given a globally unique code, Its identification can be expressed by bar code symbol or written into RFID tag. If 24 bottles are packed into a box, each box should also have a globally unique code; If every 8 cases form a logistics unit, each logistics unit still needs a globally unique code. In this way, we can realize the identification and tracking of things on the IOT, and realize the interconnection of things

Zhang duo believes that the largest application needs can be solved with the least coding information, and this demand of IOT can be effectively solved through a globally unified coding and identification system. After transportation, storage and other logistics processes, until the supermarket goes on sale, a bottle of beverage may have passed through multiple or even more than a dozen data collection points, and the code of these data collection points is also unique. Therefore, from production to storage and transportation, and then from storage and transportation to sales, when an item passes through any data collection point in any link, it can not only correctly identify and read the unique code of the item, but also identify and read the internal relationship between the item and other items. Through the relevant information of each data collection point, the tracking and tracing of the article can be realized. If you need to know the status of this bottle of beverage in the logistics process, such as whether it will deteriorate under high temperature above 40 ℃, or whether it exists in the form of solid under cold environment below minus 30 ℃, you need the support of sensing technology. When this bottle of drink arrives at the supermarket, the floor of the warehouse, the forklift, the door, and the shelf should be equipped with reading equipment. Through these reading equipment connected with the Internet, the logistics process of this bottle of drink can be recorded in real time. For production enterprises, such reading equipment is also needed from workshop to warehouse. Each computer, reader, and sensing device in IOT are assigned a unique code, otherwise it is impossible to realize the interconnection of things. All codes are generated under certain coding rules. Even if there are different coding systems, the unique identification of items can be achieved through code analysis

it is understood that the national item coding system can meet the needs of information exchange of IOT systems, realize dynamic maintenance, and provide support for the application, operation and management of IOT. Zhang Chenghai said that the China article coding center will cooperate with all parties to formulate and form a unified national IOT coding system principles and coordination mechanism, unified registration and sub domain management. The most urgent and key basic standards for the construction of the national IOT standard system, including the unified name, code and identification standards of the subjects, objects and third parties of the IOT system, the IOT operation process, evaluation index standards, as well as the standard consistency testing technology and method standards. China article coding center will cooperate with key industries in the national revitalization plan to carry out pilot and demonstration, formulate application specifications, build application environment, and establish application service system, so as to provide a basic basis for standard formulation and industrial development. At the same time, we should fully rely on the national bar code quality supervision and inspection center and the national radio frequency identification product quality supervision and inspection center to speed up the construction of the product quality inspection system, improve the ability and level of the national IOT related technology application testing laboratory, improve the testing standards and means, carry out the IOT consistency, versatility, reliability testing, and provide application guarantee for IOT

it is worth mentioning that in the past 10 years, China article coding center has focused on the research of RFID technology and IOT, laying the foundation for the establishment of IOT coding system and the application of RFID technology in IOT, and constructing the standard system of article identification network. At the same time, it has formulated RFID technical specifications, completed a number of national standards such as "electronic coding of goods coding rules of trade items based on RFID", and provided standard guarantee for the comprehensive promotion of IOT in the next step

The operation of

depends on the mechanism:

the system should be open and managed uniformly.

the currently known IOT application cases are local applications under the closed-loop system, and the problem of coding uniqueness has not been highlighted. Zhang duo believes that with the development of IOT, it is impossible to limit IOT to one city and one pool forever, or even to one enterprise and one store. It's not difficult to turn over your family tree and choose a name for your child. You should avoid the taboo of your ancestors, and you can't have the same name as your peers, because a family is just a closed system. Ensuring the uniqueness of the code in a closed network is like flipping through your family tree to name your child. The problem is that if you just look at the genealogy and choose a name, you are very likely to have a duplicate name when you step out of your door, and your child is not the only name identifier. The development of IOT must be in an open system. If it is difficult or unnecessary to find a better model according to the interconnected model, it must be a global open system. This open system must establish a management mechanism to solve problems such as interconnected domain names and IP addresses. How to allocate the domain name of IOT? How to apply for the address in IOT, and in which institution the things on IOT are registered and preserved, are all problems that must be solved. The construction of IOT management mechanism urgently needs to solve the problem of address resolution. Until this problem is solved, the IOT we see is not the real IOT

the development of IOT still faces many problems. While the uniqueness of data coding is solved, the timeliness of data storage will also be encountered. Each box of drinks must have a globally unique code. If the shelf life is one and a half years, is it necessary to save the code data of this box of drinks after the shelf life? If the coding data of ordinary drinks can no longer be saved after a period of time, then a bottle of high-end Baijiu may be consumed after leaving the supermarket, and some may be stored for 30 to 50 years. Its coding data may have to be saved for a long time. Even massive amounts of data, technically speaking, storage and maintenance are not a problem; However, with the accumulation of massive data year after year, the cost of data maintenance will be very high

data storage and management need to formulate a series of standards and establish corresponding mechanisms. However, Zhang duo believes that this is the next step. At present, the most urgent problem is to solve the coding rules and management mechanism of things in IOT. Zhang Chenghai believes that we should grasp the control of IOT information, the voice of standards, and the initiative of technology. IOT involves all fields of the national economy, and the standard is an effective means to prevent information leakage and establish a security protection system for national information transmission

in any case, China has been in the forefront of the world in terms of general fixture unable to meet the requirements of IOT related technology. At present, there is no successful case in the world for cross industry, cross field and cross region applications in an open environment. To make one, it is internationally leading

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