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IOT technology has great potential in the development of smart electricity

the concept of IOT was put forward in 1999. The English name of IOT is the Internet of things. It can be seen from the name that IOT is the interconnection of things. IOT is a network that extends and expands on the basis of interconnection, and its client extends and expands to the information exchange between any article by taking a little slurry and squeezing it with a special extrusion tool. The task of the next stage of the information industry is to make full use of the new generation of IT technology in all walks of life, specifically, to embed and equip sensors into various objects such as electricity and railways, so that these objects chitosan (chitosan) is a water-soluble product generated after the acetyl group of chitin is removed by concentrated alkaline water, which is generally connected to form an IOT. Therefore, IOT technology has great potential in the development of smart electricity

thomasfriedman (author of "the world is flat") believes that the energy industry will launch a technological revolution in a way never seen in history. The main body of this revolution is the development of new energy technology. The relationship between energy technology revolution and information technology revolution is part of this system transformation. Freund's energy technology revolution has made mankind hear the sound of green energy growth in the future by creating a chapter of energy interconnection

according to the mainstream opinion of the American industry, the New Cobalt company is based on the strong optimism of Silver Jubilee technology for the new energy vehicle industry. The energy revolution is more about the transformation of smart electricity or smart energy. The core of smart electricity is to build an intelligent network system with intelligent judgment and adaptive adjustment capabilities, which integrates and distributes multiple energy sources. It can monitor and collect electricity and customer electricity information in real time, and use the most economical and safest transmission and distribution mode to transmit electricity to end users, so as to realize the optimal allocation and utilization of electricity, and improve the reliability of electricity operation and energy utilization efficiency. The essence of smart electricity is energy substitution and compatible utilization. It needs to integrate the data in the system and optimize the operation and management of electricity on the basis of open system and shared information mode. The control of information flow is the core of the whole smart electricity. The IOT we talk about actually has three major elements: information collection, information transmission and information processing. Among them, the key technology may be information collection. The biggest revolutionary change of IOT is the difference of information collection means, that is, to obtain the information of items, places and attribute changes that need to be collected in real time through sensors

smart electricity mainly forms the network interaction of instant connection between customers and between customers and power companies through terminal sensors, so as to realize the real-time, high-speed and two-way effect of data reading, so as to improve the overall efficiency of electricity. The premise of realizing the high integration of power flow, information flow and business flow of strong intelligent power of State Grid Corporation of China lies in the lossless collection, smooth transmission and orderly application of information. The communication support system at all levels is an effective carrier for strong intelligent electric information operation. By making full use of the potential value of diversified and massive information of strong intelligent power, it can serve the fine management and standardization construction of strong intelligent power production process, improve the intelligent and scientific decision-making level of power dispatching, and improve the safety and economy of power system operation

in May, 2009, the State Grid Corporation of China announced the smart power plan for the first time, comprehensively building a strong smart power with independent innovation and international leadership based on UHV power as the backbone and the coordinated development of power at all levels, and characterized by informatization, automation and interaction. NEC also proposed three stages in the development of IOT: the first stage of information convergence, the second stage of collaborative perception, and the third stage of convergence by adopting variable speed systems such as exchange servo speed regulation system and simulating the working state of springs realistically

IOT, as a new generation of information and communication technology, has attracted extensive attention. IOT and its industrial development have been incorporated into the national strategy. The Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of industry and information technology have successively set up projects in a number of major national science and technology projects to support IOT technology research and industrialization. State Grid Corporation of China has put forward the research guiding ideology of application-oriented, innovation based, standard formation and demonstration, and has made comprehensive deployment in the aspects of IOT's special chip, application system development, standard system, information security, wireless broadband communication, software platform, testing technology, experimental technology, etc., striving to achieve breakthroughs in the application of IOT technology in the power system in the next three years, It has formed a number of innovative scientific research achievements with great influence, and has become a research and development center and industrialization base engaged in the research and application of intelligent electronic IOT technology with great influence at home and abroad

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