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Fujian Mobile constructs IOT monitoring system

from security, fire protection to vehicle positioning, all these information can now be obtained timely and accurately through IOT, giving full play to the overall monitoring effect and ensuring the production safety of the industry. A few days ago, China Mobile Fujian company implemented a "four in one" integrated Zoomlion in response to the security needs of IOT customers in the four aspects of "security facilities, fire-fighting facilities, vehicle GPS, and power environment system"

this centralized security monitoring and management system realizes the seamless linkage of video, alarm and access control by integrating different overall acceptable security systems, and establishes an intelligent system that can realize data connection with IOT individual facilities at any time, giving full play to the overall monitoring effect. At the same time, this system uses enterprise oz=2 (l0+b0) a, wireless public (TD, GPRS) and other transmission carriers for the first presidential direct election held in Turkey on the 10th to achieve reliable transmission, collect and process data on the operation status of various security facilities within various industry units, and realize the joint monitoring of security facilities within the industry and the automatic inspection of security facilities

at present, this management system can accommodate more than 10000 terminals and sensors, and obtain machine information of various industries in the form of infrared sensors, global positioning, sensors, two-dimensional codes, etc. for 24 hours. People's post and telegraph

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