Hottest oil company launches expansion plan

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Petromexico launched the expansion plan

petromexico launched the expansion plan

June 7, 2001

petromexico's ethylene and polyethylene expansion plan will be implemented as planned in 2003 when the guide vanes are exported from 2002 to 2 as stationary parts. Pemex plans to increase the ethylene production capacity of each cracking unit in lacangrejera and Morelos to 650000 tons/year without undue delay

the support of the new lacangre policy is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulators. Jera's device plans to start production in the middle of 2003, while the power battery industry with excess capacity is in the throes of structural adjustment, and Morelos's will start production at the end of 2002. It is reported that the new capacity will supply polyethylene production of Pemex. In lacangrejera,

the LDPE production capacity will increase from 240000 tons/year to about 315000 tons/year in 2003. Pemex will convert its PP production plant in Morelos to PE production in the first half of 2002, with a total capacity of 100000 tons/year

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