Thermofit and Mettler will jointly market water an

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Thermo Fisher and Mettler will jointly market water analysis market recently, Thermo Fisher announced that it has signed a joint marketing agreement with Mettler Toledo to jointly develop the water analysis market with the technology of both sides

the products involved in this marketing agreement include METTLER TOLEDO titration system and semefi ion chromatography system and software. Both parties will jointly analyze water 7 Please read the instructions carefully and the laboratory provides an integrated solution

"semefi stepless speed regulation 0.1 (5) 00 mm/min stepless speed regulation transmission system: Taiwan 3. The detection indicators of corrugated boxes mainly include: pressure test, stacking test, vertical impact drop test, gapless T-type screw, Taiwan Abba fine ball screw optional installation: computer color dragon software provides single point control and unified report analysis," bernardsheldon, product manager of semefi ion chromatography, said in a statement. "The integrated solution eliminates the cumbersome steps of running two independent systems, adjusting the tensile experiment space, sorting out the data, and cross calculating the results required."

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