Hottest oil multiphase flowmeter

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Petroleum multiphase flowmeter

in petrochemical industry, the company is a product of Xi'an rier Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. - Petroleum multiphase flowmeter

the product uses its own invented fluid static mixer and venturi to measure the total three-phase flow

application of inverted-U tube this report points out that plastic will become the competitive advantage of 3D printing companies. The principle of multiphase fluid mechanics is used to measure the gas-liquid ratio. The application of thermal diffusion technology to measure the oil-water ratio and ratio greatly reduces the volume and weight of the flow meter. Expanding our current research in the field of degradable mixtures is the first step in this direction, expanding the scope of application, improving the measurement accuracy, and adding gaskets and stability between the oil collector and the pump body

at present, oil multiphase flow meters have been used in batches in Dagang Oilfield, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Henan Oilfield and offshore platforms. The diameter of flow meter ranges from 2 "- 10". Most flow meters have been working continuously for many years, and the measurement is stable and accurate

flow meter function: continuously and automatically measure the production of oil wells. Reduce the maintenance, renewal and operation costs of the daily metering station, and reduce the workload of manual metering. Reduce weight and workspace. No moving parts, no radioactivity. It can be used for mobile metering, which is easy to install and change the metering location. It can be used in unattended metering stations to realize remote control and reduce investment and operating costs. The alarm system can be set as required

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