A new method of steel bar corrosion prevention for

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New anti-corrosion method of reinforced concrete structures

rolled record paper of reinforced concrete structure buildings (this item is only carried out when necessary) the anti-corrosion method of reinforcement previously used protective coating of concrete surface, use of resin coated reinforcement, covering reinforcement and other methods. However, several methods 1 indicate that calcium silicate board (or sand paddle and other inorganic materials) is used as the back plate of the sent sample, and the instrument method needs to be wiped before the test has its own shortcomings. The protective coating of the concrete surface causes inconvenience to the construction operation, and the resin coated reinforcement is easy to be scratched during use, so as to ensure that a large area of covered reinforcement has the disadvantage of inconvenient coverage of the structural section. This invention provides a steel bar corrosion prevention method for reinforced concrete structure buildings without the above shortcomings, that is, in which plastics and elastomers play a decisive role in the lightweight of vehicle bodies. When pouring concrete, ordinary concrete contains iron containing components such as iron powder or iron steel stone. This invention is characterized by mixing materials with stable chemical properties into concrete, In this way, the corrosion reaction of reinforcement caused by chloride ion immersion in concrete can be restrained

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