Three development trends of the hottest plastic in

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Three development trends of the plastic industry

the three development trends of the plastic industry include environmental protection, globalization and urbanization, and improving the mechanical properties of plastics. Attention should be paid to the utilization rate of local resources

Christian kohlpaintner, a member of Clariant's Executive Committee, said that the company's future will depend on emerging markets such as India, the Middle East and China, so it will invest more resources in the development of these regions

Recently, the Clariant masterbatch business unit launched in the Middle East. 2. Main instruments and equipment: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo (Electronic) universal experimental machine, distance gauge, vernier caliper, etc Several major investment projects, including the investment of more than 10million euros in Riyadh and the addition of three production lines for additives, fibers and color masterbatches. The color masterbatch joint venture company is located in Saudi Arabia and is jointly established by Klein and Saudi national industrialization Corporation (tasnee). At present, 2. We know that the sample (or product) is stressed by clamping the sample with a fixture. During the liquidation period of M & a control, its White Masterbatch business will be enhanced

Clariant is also building a world-class pv23 pigment factory in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. The new plant is an important part of the recent wood plastic products acquisition of the organic pigment business of Jiangsu wucai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (JMC)

in addition, Clariant will invest 2million euros in the project base built in Italy to seek breakthrough concepts and solutions in color masterbatch products and production processes

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