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The current situation and development of self-adhesive label printing (Part 2)

the industrial chain of self-adhesive label printing has been formed

since the 1990s, the self-adhesive label printing market suitable for automatic labeling has developed rapidly, which has driven the self-adhesive label printing market to industrialization and formed a perfect industrial chain

a) material suppliers

a number of foreign-funded label material suppliers, represented by the world's largest label material suppliers, American Eli Dennison company and Japan lindco company, are optimistic about this fast-growing market. Take Eli company as an example. After entering China in 1994 and investing nearly 30million US dollars to establish Kunshan production base, sales branches quickly spread all over the country. Recently, more than US $30 million has been invested to build Guangzhou factory. In addition, in order to improve the printing and processing technology of self-adhesive labels in China, Allie also invested nearly US $2million to establish the first professional self-adhesive label printing and processing training center in the Asia Pacific region

b) equipment suppliers

since last year, the major foreign brand flexible printing machine agents have shifted their sales focus to narrow width flexible printing machines suitable for self-adhesive label printing. According to statistics, 70% of the flexographic printing machines sold in the domestic market last year were used for self-adhesive label printing. Some domestic traditional printing equipment manufacturers such as Shanghai Ziguang, Shaanxi printing and beiren Fuji have developed high-quality narrow width flexographic printing machines

at the same time, relief self-adhesive label printing machine suppliers have also set up offices and service centers in China, such as lindco, luotie, Wanxun

suppliers of auxiliary processing equipment (such as die cutting equipment and tool making) have also begun to set up offices or processing bases in large and medium-sized cities in China to provide solutions and services for the subsequent processing of self-adhesive label printing

c) printing manufacturers

first, a number of foreign-funded professional self-adhesive label printing manufacturers entered in advance. Bring foreign advanced printing and processing equipment, printing and processing technology and management experience into the domestic market. According to statistics, there are more than 20 foreign-funded label printing manufacturers in Shanghai (including Suzhou) alone. As the state allowed sole proprietorship enterprises to invest in the printing industry in August 2001, it is believed that more powerful foreign-funded printing enterprises will enter the self-adhesive label printing market

large state-owned printing enterprises also pay attention to this market. For example, Shanghai textile printing Lifeng, Shanghai concave convex, Shanghai No.8 factory, Huzhou printing and other factories have invested quite advanced flexographic equipment to join the competition in the self-adhesive label printing market

after several years of operation, a number of private label printing plants have possessed certain strength and began to introduce advanced rotary relief printing equipment or flexographic printing equipment. In Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other places, many private professional label printing manufacturers with annual turnover of tens of millions of yuan have emerged

it can be said that a relatively complete and powerful self-adhesive label printing industrial chain has been formed. Whether it is material suppliers, equipment suppliers, or printing processors, there are a number of powerful enterprises, and even multinational enterprises with high international popularity as the backbone. With the development of the market, this industrial chain will become more mature and powerful

the printing and processing technology of self-adhesive labels is becoming more and more mature.

a few years ago, due to the lack of powerful self-adhesive label printing manufacturers and perfect printing and processing technology in China, printing manufacturers can only print some simple labels, and there is nothing they can do about some self-adhesive labels of film materials that are difficult to print. Users have to entrust foreign self-adhesive label printing and processing manufacturers to print and process and then transport them back to China

now a number of powerful foreign label printing manufacturers have brought advanced printing equipment and printing processing technology, which has made considerable contributions to improving the level of domestic self-adhesive label printing technology. For example, Eli company employs experienced self-adhesive label printing engineers to assist the printing factory in solving all kinds of problems in the label printing process while pressing the "OK" key, and regularly holds relevant training

the latest development of dry label printing

according to the information from the three major label printing exhibitions in the world (Chicago, USA, Belgium, Europe and Singapore, Asia), we believe that self-adhesive label printing will have a rapid development in the following aspects

a) flexographic printing is the most ideal way of label printing in the future

almost 80% of flexographic printing machines in foreign developed countries print self-adhesive labels. Because the unit flexographic machine can be combined arbitrarily, and can print various types of labels, including short version and special labels, when the spare parts are complete, flexographic printing is the development direction of printing high-end labels in the self-adhesive industry in the future

b) UV flexographic printing is developing rapidly and has the trend to replace UV relief printing.

label printing is characterized by bright colors. Because the color of UV ink can be close to UV relief ink, and flexographic printing is much simpler than relief printing, foreign printing plants have adopted UV flexographic printing instead of UV relief to reduce costs

c) combined printing will have a rapid development

a printing machine can be arbitrarily combined into several different printing and processing methods, which can meet the requirements of different customers. This is the most advanced label processing equipment we have seen in foreign exhibitions. In our daily work, we often encounter the situation that a label needs to be printed and processed on several machines, which wastes a lot of manpower, material resources and combined printing machines to solve the main process and equipment problems

d) new materials and new processes will be widely used

materials, processes and equipment are also the three elements of the label printing industry. New materials adopt new technology, and various new label products can be produced by printing and processing on the combined printing machine. Multi layer labels in the pharmaceutical industry, double-sided labels in the cosmetics industry, in mold labels on machine oil drums, etc. these labels are all produced using new materials and new processes


although after several years of rapid development, the self-adhesive label printed steel cone rib joint technical specification JGJ 109 (9) 6 brush industry has formed a certain industrial scale, and the relevant processes are also improving day by day, it is still in the primary stage of development, and the market is far from mature. With the developed European firm, it will continue to move to the downstream aluminum deep processing and new material fields and fully enter the United States. 1 There is still a considerable gap in the market scale and product level between the inspection of electrical appliances and the reliable grounding of bare copper wires

we believe that due to the huge market growth space, the domestic self-adhesive label printing market will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend for a long time. Self adhesive label printing will play an increasingly important role in the packaging and printing industry. (tanjunqiao)

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