A new method for troubleshooting the angle swing o

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A new method for troubleshooting the angle rejection of the trailing tip part

our two-color Heidelberg offset press carried out four opening and four-color printing. When overprinting red and blue after yellow and black printing, it was found that the angle rejection of the trailing tip part in the upper right corner of the inner side was serious, about 0.4mm

remove the connecting oil pipe between the main engine and the oil source control. After analysis, 11 enterprises in the main affirmation, textile and the former expensive papermaking industries are the first batch of key water use enterprises. The main reason is that when printing yellow and black, the water supply is uneven, and the water inside is too large, causing the paper to absorb too much water, which is caused by embossing deformation. At present, it can only be remedied. If the pattern allows, it is generally treated by wrapping half and printing half. But in this way, due to the inconsistent deformation of the paper, the overprint is not very ideal, and it is printed twice, which wastes man hours

this time, we adopt another method, which is effective. The specific method is to stick a piece of paper with a width of 4cm, a length of 20cm and a thickness of about 2.5cm (usually made of paper folded) on the cardboard conveyor at the inner trailing tip of the paper at the front gauge, and cut a PS plate on it to make a pressing paper and guide the paper. In addition, there should also be a pressing paper at the front gauge (note that the paper can not be stuck with a stop to ensure that the paper can pass smoothly). If the trailing tip is wrinkled, the paper can be thinned appropriately. In this way, the tail of the inner paper is arched, and the mouth edge lags slightly. When the paper is imprinted, the inner trailing tip tends to retract inward, causing the inner paper to shrink and deform slightly. After trial printing, the overprint error on the inside is significantly reduced, which meets the printing requirements. As in such cases, you can see the experimental machines sold by our manufacturers in not every region

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