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Current situation and development of slitting machine

Introduction to slitting machine

slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that cuts wide paper or film into multiple narrow width materials. It is often dynamically displayed: it is used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery in the process of experiment. The traditional control scheme of the slitter is to use a large motor to drive the winding shaft. A magnetic particle clutch is added to the winding shaft. The resistance generated by the magnetic particle clutch is controlled by adjusting the current of the magnetic particle clutch to control the tension on the surface of the material. Magnetic particle clutch and brake is a special automatic actuator. It transmits torque through magnetic particles filled in the working gap. Changing the excitation current can change the magnetic state of magnetic particles, and then adjust the transmitted torque. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed, and the net steel importing countries account for more than 70%. It is suitable for fine adjustment in high-speed section and speed regulation system with small and medium power. It is also used in the uncoiling or rewinding tension control system to adjust the torque by adjusting the current to ensure that the tension remains constant in the winding process. Its main feature is that the magnetic particle clutch, as a resistance device, outputs a specific DC voltage that needs to be communicated with after-sales personnel through system control to control the resistance generated by the magnetic particle clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device, which can control small tension. Its main disadvantage is that the speed can not be high. When running at high speed, it is easy to cause high-speed friction of magnetic particles, resulting in high temperature, causing heating of magnetic particle clutch and shortening its service life

basic knowledge and development of slitting machine

in the modern packaging industry, slitting machine is a relatively important equipment often used before and after printing. It mainly slits raw materials before printing, such as paper, plastic film, etc. This is a process that raw material manufacturers must complete in order to meet the width requirements of packaging manufacturers such as customers. And the most widely used printing 3. The main features of the automotive interior materials experimental machine 1. The cutting process after compounding. The cutting machine is used to cut the printing and composite film of multiple groups of patterns with fixed width into finished film rolls, so as to adapt to the automatic packaging and bag making process behind

with the improvement of flexible packaging automation and the focus of consumer goods manufacturers on reducing the inefficiency and pollution of intermediate links, some manufacturers gradually change their process flow and replace manual packaging with automatic packaging lines with a higher degree of automation. With the increasing demand for coiled materials, the position of slitter is becoming more and more important, which puts forward higher requirements for the working efficiency of slitter

when it comes to the working efficiency of the slitter, many people think that the working efficiency of the slitter is only related to the speed of the slitter. In fact, it is not. I think that the working efficiency of the slitter is related to the following factors: slitting speed, yield, non operating occupation time, stability, etc. Although the cutting speed is an important indicator of the working efficiency of the slitter, if the yield is low, it will not only cause the working efficiency of the whole machine to be low, but also cause the cost to rise. Similarly, if the non operation takes a long time, such as adjusting the machine, setting the knife, changing the knife, changing the material, connecting the joint, changing the roll, dealing with problems, it is meaningless to simply improve the speed of the slitter. Not to mention the stability of the slitter, it will not only affect the working efficiency of the slitter, but also affect the product quality, but also cause trouble and unnecessary waste to the next process. Therefore, the working efficiency of slitter is a comprehensive concept

in the slitting process, a stable tension system is an important indicator to ensure product quality. It controls the mutual tension between unwinding, traction, slitting, winding, etc., so that the slitting material is always in a stable state in the slitting process. If the tension is properly controlled, the deformation and drift of raw materials in the process of machine speed up and speed down can be avoided. Generally, the unwinding tension is slightly greater than the sum of the winding shaft tension. Most of the previous slitting machines used magnetic particle clutch to control the tension, but the speed of magnetic particle clutch cannot be high, which is easy to cause high-speed friction of magnetic particles during operation, produce high temperature, shorten its service life, and in serious cases, it will be stuck, which will hinder the operation of the machine. With the development of science and technology and the application of servo drive technology, now most of them use vector variable-frequency motor to control the tension system of the slitting machine. Using the swing roller to detect automatically, the man-machine interface is intuitive, and the tension system is more stable, reliable and easy to operate

three cutting methods of the slitter

in the process of slitting, it can be roughly divided into three methods: flat knife slitting, round knife slitting, and extrusion slitting

flat knife slitting

is to fix the single-sided blade or double-sided blade on a fixed knife rest like a razor, drop the knife during the operation of the material, and make the knife cut the material longitudinally, so as to achieve the purpose of slitting

there are two ways of razor slitting:

one is notch slitting; One is suspended slitting

grooving and slitting is that when the material is running on the grooving roll, the cutter falls into the groove of the grooving roll and cuts the material longitudinally. At this time, the material has a certain wrap angle on the grooving roll, which is not easy to drift. When slitting cast PP film or film with narrow edge, this slitting method is often used to improve the slitting efficiency. But for hanging slitting, its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to set the knife

hanging slitting is that when the material passes between two rollers, the razor falls and cuts the material longitudinally. At this time, the material is in a relatively unstable state, so the slitting accuracy is slightly worse than that of the cutting die, but this slitting method is convenient for knife setting and operation. The flat cutter is mainly suitable for cutting thin plastic film and composite film

circular knife slitting

circular knife slitting can be divided into tangent slitting and non tangent slitting

tangent slitting refers to the material slitting from the tangent direction of the upper and lower disc knives. This kind of slitting is more convenient for knife alignment. The upper disc knife and the lower disc knife can easily adjust their positions directly according to the requirements of slitting width. Its disadvantage is that the material is easy to drift at the slitting point, so the accuracy is not high, and it is generally not used now

non tangent slitting means that the material has a certain wrap angle with the lower disc knife, and the lower disc knife falls down to cut the material. This cutting method can make the material not easy to drift, and the cutting accuracy is high. However, it is not very convenient to adjust the knife. When installing the lower disc knife, the whole shaft must be removed. Round knife slitting is suitable for slitting thick composite films and papers

extrusion slitting

extrusion slitting is not common on domestic slitting machines. It is mainly composed of a pneumatic knife that is synchronized with the speed of the material and has a certain angle of wrap with the material, and is easy to adjust. This cutting method can cut not only thin plastic film, but also thick paper, non-woven fabric, etc. It is a relatively convenient cutting method. It is a development direction of slitting mode of slitter

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