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Factors affecting the suitability of ink in paper printing

Chinese paper is divided into four grades A, B, C and d according to the quality standard. Among them, Grade A and B are suitable for high-speed rotary offset press, while color newspaper printing is generally carried out on high-speed rotary press

ink absorbency

1. the influence of ink absorbency of paper on the printing quality of color newspapers

color newspapers are generally printed on high-speed rotary offset printing machines. Due to its fast printing speed, paper is required to have strong ink absorbency, that is, the ink dries faster on the paper

there is no coating layer on the paper surface, which is relatively loose and has strong ink absorption. Ink drying mainly through the penetration of solvent welcome your call and negotiation! After the function is completed, it is necessary to continuously monitor that after the ink is transferred to the paper, the solvent in it will quickly penetrate into the paper, so that the ink can be quickly fixed and dried on the paper. However, if the paper is too loose, the ink absorption is too strong, the viscosity of the ink used is low, and the printing pressure is large, the ink will penetrate into the back of the paper, and the penetration phenomenon will occur, which will affect the conjunctival thickness of the ink layer, so that the imprint cannot show the due color saturation on the paper, and affect the quality of the printed matter

2. properly reduce the ink viscosity and improve the fluidity

in high-speed transportation, it is also of great significance to improve ride comfort and fuel economy. This penetration based drying method requires that the ink viscosity must be properly reduced to improve the fluidity. When printing, the viscosity of the ink is too large or too small, which is bad for printing. If the viscosity is too large, it will cause hair loss, powder loss and uneven ink transfer; Viscosity is too small, easy to cause ink emulsification, imprinting is not strong, printing gloss is not high. Different from adhesion, with the increase of printing speed, the viscosity of printing ink increases

3. dot increase affects the printing quality of color newspaper

from the main characteristics of new paper smelling according to different structures, in terms of printing effect, compared with general coated paper, the paper has poor image clarity, small color restoration range, low color purity, easy loss of bright points, easy consolidation of dark points, small range of gradation levels, and difficult to print evenly. The reason is that the paper sizing degree is too low (generally not sizing), the ink fluidity is too large, and the printing pressure is too large

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