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In terms of home decoration, many families attach great importance to home feng shui. Good feng shui can bring good fortune to families, while bad feng shui or serious layout may have a serious impact on the health of families, especially for children. Families with children attach great importance to home feng shui. What are the specific Feng Shui taboos for children's room decoration? If you want to know, hurry up to learn about it with the Xiaobian of home decoration network

1. Orientation

avoid being too close to the kitchen and bathroom. The light should be moderate to assist learning and grow healthily. Children's room should not be too close to the kitchen and bathroom to avoid the interference of dirty gas such as lampblack and filthy gas, which will cause problems such as learning and restlessness. There are too many windows in the children's room, which makes it difficult to gather the aura; There are few windows, no sunshine, too dark, Yin Qi is heavy, easy to lead to evil spirits, and more illness. Therefore, the light of the house is moderate, the Yin and yang are balanced, the learning is assisted, and the growth is healthy

2. Color

the color is mainly bright, relaxed and pleasant, and the color should be bright and vibrant. The color and space of children's room should be bright, relaxed and pleasant. The color of furniture should be bright and vibrant to enrich children's imagination and add interest

3. Material

the ceiling should be mainly light color, and the floor material should not use marble and carpet. The ceiling in the children's room space is mainly light color, and the floor material is mainly comfortable and warm. Marble and carpet are not allowed. Of course, safety issues should also be considered in the activity part, such as common sense of floors, doors, sharp corners, sharp objects, etc

4. Color

the wall color is mainly warm and colorful, and the curtains choose bright colors, avoid being too deep. The wall treatment of children's room can be diversified, colorful, elegant and warm. Curtain color can choose bright color, avoid excessive deep color

5. Bed

bed is a place for children to supplement and recover energy required for growth, and attention should be paid to comfort. Children are lively and active by nature, and full of strong curiosity about things. The amount of spiritual activity is the largest. The bed in the children's room is important because it is a place to rest and recover. In particular, the amount of activity required for children's high learning and growth needs to be supplemented by Qi. [related reading: what color is good for the decoration of children's room?]

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