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In this bustling city, the emergence of Mediterranean style adds a touch of comfort, nature and freshness. Among many home decoration styles, it has always been favored by people, especially young people. Recently, Mr. Li and Ms. Liu of Huacheng, a famous school of Aijia, recently asked us to recommend a Mediterranean style full of exotic style but modern design for their 88 square meter new house through decoration bidding consultation. For this reason, Xiaobian specially sorted out the above set. Hurry to explore with the camera

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[family name school Huacheng 88 square meter house type map]

house structure: three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

decoration method: full decoration

decoration cost: 120000

[love family famous school Huacheng 88 flat American style decoration model room exhibition]

Mediterranean living room:

the three bedroom of 88 square meters is the wedding room of a young couple. Before the design, the two people unanimously decided to use the Mediterranean style, freely using colors, mainly white brown, mixed with some yellow and blue, so that the living environment is filled with the silence and freedom of blue sky and blue sea, A warm and personalized chandelier lights up the whole





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