The following things must be prepared before the d

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Decoration classic

1. Measuring room

while inviting the decoration company to measure the room, you should prepare a room type map and a pen, follow the room measuring personnel and record their measured data one by one on the room type map. This is the most original data, which is very useful, and you must keep it well

2. Communicate your ideas with the designer

tell the designer your requirements and listen carefully to him to help you analyze all the details. Of course, don't completely follow the designer's ideas. After all, the house is decorated and we live, not the designer. Some designers' ideas are not practical or do not meet our actual life requirements, Therefore, the suggestions of designers must be discussed and decided with their families; Don't throw away the ideas that have been rejected by designers immediately. After all, your own ideas may be more in line with your own needs

3. Budget

after the construction budget of the decoration company meets the requirements, don't be busy signing the contract first. You can take pictures of this budget with your mobile phone or camera (because you can't bring out the general budget). If there is no tool to take pictures, take a pen and copy it one by one. The more detailed it is, the better. Then tell the decoration company that we can go back and check it before signing the contract

4. Check the budget

first of all, check your budget with the blank budget he previously gave you to see whether the material price and labor are correct. If you have questions, take notes and ask together when you have questions




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