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What is the best life? Every day I wake up or go to sleep, I have someone warm beside me or in my heart

project address: China ・ Beijing ・ Boliang model room

project purpose: private residence

project area: see how big you want to do ~

design style: Northern European light luxury style (what style do you like?

what is the best life?

every day when you wake up or go to sleep, someone will be warm by your side or in your heart

face all kinds of experiences of life with you

thank you for having you

the world is not so lonely

for you, is it from every object at home or the layout of every corner that can make the glittering fragments in the delicate life?

for these wonderful lives Capture and hold on to the quality of every furniture and the grain of every utensil

soft lights, three-dimensional wall lines, soft beds with lotus colored glossy flannelette, exquisite and elegant...

the most relaxing thing in life is to taste a good book quietly

I never stop loving life. I have three meals a day with you





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