What are the characteristics of walnut furniture

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There are still many brands of walnut furniture, which are also loved by many people around. Walnut furniture, coupled with the pleasing patterns on the panel, is of great appreciation value. Walnut is also a relatively expensive material, so it is also valuable as furniture. The heartwood of walnut is very small, and the proportion of sapwood is large. Many materials used in furniture cannot avoid some sapwood. Let's follow together to learn about the ranking list of walnut furniture brands and related knowledge

walnut furniture brand ranking — Noah

Noah is still a well-known walnut furniture brand. Many friends must know about this brand. It is the first original art furniture in China that combines North American walnut and black glass. It can be said that it has created a precedent for Chinese walnut decorative products and led the trend of Chinese modern furniture

walnut furniture brand ranking — Cappuccino

cappuccino, a furniture brand, integrates the fashionable and classic style of Milan, Italy, so that the shape of the whole set of furniture is generous, the structure is concise, and the fit between metal and cloth, glass and wood is perfectly used. Just like cappuccino's romantic feelings, it is bitter and rich, but it has an alcohol and meaningful, adding a warmth and romance to the home

walnut furniture brand ranking — Okami

Okami walnut furniture brand mainly adopts the post-modernism design style. The whole walnut furniture brand brings people a sense of atmosphere and inclusiveness. Moreover, Okami walnut furniture brand has always been a low-key and introverted color matching, which brings a sense of luxury, but does not feel the flamboyant temperament

walnut furniture brand ranking — Meidi

Meidi furniture brand has a strong sense of fashion. It is a brand that young people prefer now. It is practical and durable. It is a walnut furniture brand that everyone trusts very much so far. The walnut furniture of the whole brand brings people a calm and introverted quality, and the walnut furniture of this brand has a strong sense of family atmosphere, which can easily integrate into the home environment and make your home more beautiful Warm, but also reflects a strong cultural connotation, is a very good walnut furniture brand

disadvantages of walnut furniture:

1. Walnut furniture is expensive and difficult for ordinary families to afford

2. The wood structure of walnut is not as compact as that of mahogany, and its compressive and bending resistance is only medium

3. The exposed parts of walnut furniture need to be well protected to avoid damage

4. Sapwood is easy to be damaged by bark beetles; The bending resistance and compression resistance are medium, and the toughness is poor

the above is the ranking list of walnut furniture brands brought by Xiaobian. What are the characteristics of walnut furniture. The above introduction hopes to give some help to friends who want to buy walnut furniture. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to follow this website and look forward to more wonderful ones





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