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Le Yicha's "marketing planning, budget control and ameba business landing conference in the second half of 2015" was carried out as scheduled. The meeting conducted data analysis and dissection of problem points, and elaborated the plan for the second half of 2015

on July 16, Le Yijia's "marketing planning, budget control and ameba operation landing meeting in the second half of 2015" was held as scheduled, and all middle and senior management of the group attended the meeting. The meeting analyzed the data and dissected the problems of leyijia group in the first half of 2015, and clearly expounded the budget, planning, strategy and specific work implementation in the second half of 2015

Chairman Ma Jing clearly pointed out the development strategy of leyijia in the second half of the year and even in the future. He said that our goal is to be listed! The listing plan is the most important in our development plan for the next ten years. All Jiaren must have firm faith, be tough, conquer and never say die

at the same time, Le Yicha is currently preparing and planning large-scale national conferences and activities to detonate Le Yicha's brand, which will drive the climax of Le Yicha's entrepreneurship! Not only that, the signing of the international image spokesperson of Le Yicha is in steady progress, which is enough for us to believe that Le Yicha will rise rapidly, constantly break through and grow savagely

all Jiaren, run together! Each of us shoulders a mission. Only by working together, cooperating and moving forward for love, can we become stronger together

the development and growth of leyijia requires every Jiaren to have enough passion and sense of responsibility, because passion is better than intelligence, and responsibility is better than ability. With our dreams and goals, let's move forward, Jiaren




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